Story Update and General Blog Update

AdobePresenterUpdateHello there! Yes it’s me Nick, I haven’t forgotten about this blog, don’t worry, I’ve just been busy with my anime blog. Nearly a new review everyday it seems, but I decided to take some time and write up a decent sized post here.

Let’s get started!

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50 Questions with SkyCorps


So I saw this done on a few other blogs and I thought it’d be cool to try it out myself.

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Alone I will write, alone I will fight.


Come chill on the couch.

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Alone I will write, alone I will fight.

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Don't Forget Who You Are

Just be my waifu plz~

The Dull, Unadventurous Life of Mine.

(Catchy, I know). Contains ponderings upon thoughts that currently reside inside my head.


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