Cooking With SkyCorps: Orange Jello & Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

I’m no cook, that much is obvious; but every once and a while I like to get creative, and make something. Even though I usually have someone standing along side me helping out (usually my sister), I still do a lot of the cooking/baking too.

This time around on Cooking With SkyCorps, I’ve made Canada’s Favorite: grilled cheese sandwiches and Orange Jello (okay my brother made the Jello, I just took the pictures). You might want to get some food before viewing the pictures; and once you do, sit back and enjoy!

Jello 1 Jello 2 GCS 1 GCS 2 GCS 3 GCS 4

And for all my cooking/baking creations, visit my PhotoBucket page to check them out.



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