quote Random Quotes from Math Class

Guy walks into classroom, earbuds blaring death metal. Taking off his jacket and setting his bag down, he pulls the earbuds out.

“Wow it’s quiet in here.”


Another guy walks into the room:

“Man I’m already in trouble with the cops; fuck….”

He would go on to explain how he was almost arrested on the way to school for possession of drugs. They were only medication for his back pain though.


Math teacher was feeling sick today, coughing and such. Same guy from above says:

Guy: “I got some Buckley’s in my truck.”

Teacher: “Really?”

Guy: “That shit works; tastes like crap but it works.”


Girl sitting beside Napster guy:

“I don’t get all these ‘real numbers’, are there fake numbers too?”


Class ends and teacher says just out loud in general, not to anyone really:

Teacher: “I’m going to go home and let my dog outside.”

Same guy from two up: “Oh I thought you said you were going to go home and let your daughter out.”




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