The BEST External Hard Drive in the World

So I’m sure everyone who downloads a lot of stuff will run into this problem sooner or later, but recently my external hard drive has been filling up with anime and music, prompting me to look for another to buy. Checking Staples site I was shocked when I found exactly what I was looking for. With more than enough storage to last a few lifetimes, and a price that seemed way too good to be true, I knew this was the right one.

Yep, you read wrong.

750TB of storage is more then enough for all my anime and music; but in all seriousness here, I wish it were true.

In the end I’ll probably end up buying this one, as 750GB is a good amount, and at that price, even the poorest of poor can afford it.

P.S. Yes that’s actually what my Firefox browser looks like, stop asking already.



One comment

  1. Geezus. 750TB. Extreme false advertisement ftw
    On a side note, a 1TB HDD cost about 120 at most. Probably would work in price range.


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