Something I found strange

On my walk to school each morning, I pass my brother’s school on one side of the road, and an elementary school on the other side. While that’s not too important to this story, today I saw a black Porsche Cayenne Turbo pulling into the elementary school; that I found strange.

Not only is this school run-of-the-mill standard and ordinary, but it just so happens to be about a block away from a very nice private school that I happened to attend in my younger years. I mean like this private school is nice.

Why did I find this weird? Well I’m one of those people who notice cars, especially nice ones. Take a walk with me around Victoria and I’ll spend most of my time looking for nice cars. If I ever went to Vancouver, I’d probably die or something; like everybody is rich there.

So while I was trying to walk and stare at this SUV, it just had me wondering why of all places did they pick that elementary school to send their kids to? I mean they’re SUV costs $120,000, I’m sure they can afford something better. Hell, why aren’t they living in Victoria? I expect to see that in Oak Bay, not around where I live. I’ve seen some nice cars around my town before, so it’s not like this is new or anything; Audi R8 Spyder, Rolls-Royce, Maserati, and such; but I always think they’re just here to buy the town or something.

Okay this was probably just a waste of a post, but I felt like writing about it; that’s what blogs are for right?




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