Make your last words count

Time for a game!

Choice game, something we did in class today to warm up.

You are about to be abducted by aliens. You can’t run, hide, fight, and leave the area at all; they’ve got the beam down and you’re about to be pulled up. You can only say five (5) last words: what would you say?

While you think it over, something to listen to

Have some fun in the comments and let me know what you’re final statement would be. It can be funny, serious, bland, or whatever; all I ask is that you don’t swear too much or I’ll have to edit your comment.


P.S. My answer: “Don’t worry, I’ll be back.”



  1. I would probably say: ‘I love you, mom, dad!?’
    But at that moment you are bing chased by those aliens, I guess I can’t even come up with something cool. Maybe I would not say anything.
    Maybe I would only scream (I think that I would).

    It’s hard to think when you are in a really dangerous situation.


  2. “El. Psy. Congroo.” And then I would run while they wait for me to say the last 2 words.
    Or If I want to look cool… I would tell them “You can’t kill a symbol.” (well, that’s more or less 6 words…) 😛


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