Record Breaking Day

So when I started this blog, I wasn’t really thinking it would be something hugely popular; maybe a few people might stumble upon it and like it, but never did I expect this in one day:

Record Breaking Day

Yeah, 71 views in one day. Okay maybe this is nothing big for some pro bloggers, but to me this is pretty cool. If you take a look at the previous days, you can see it’s usually under 10 views a day, but today someone decided they’d visit my blog a whole bunch. Either way I’m happy to see so many views in one day; and to the person(s) that visited 52 times from the States, thanks for stopping by!


One comment

  1. Oh my god that’s a lot.
    You mus have wrote about something popular!
    The most I ever had in 1 day was 82 or 81 vieuws (can’t really remeber) and that was when I published my first ‘Quotes’. So I guess that is pretty popular then.

    Anyway, good job Sky!


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