Thinking Aloud: Short Story Ideas

Publishing my stories is something that frequently comes across my mind, it’s usually then followed by, “Oh God no! I can’t do that! I’d crack under the pressure!” and I stop thinking about it soon after But after my Dad suggested I really try this out, I got thinking on a pretty good way how to.

(Quick thing before I start; this post is really just me typing out some thoughts I had, so it might not all makes sense)

As of now I’ve got 4 stories on the go (I’m sure you’ve heard me mention that at least once) one being pretty much finished and the others heavily in the writing process. In one of my current stories, ‘Fantasy Story’ (I’ll refer to it as FS) the main female character has a very lengthy back story to her. It’s brutal, bloody, soul crushing, and perfect to write a prelude or short story about. While it might give away a few details to FS, it would really flesh out her character even more and make the reader see yet another side to her.

I’ve started writing a draft on what this story would be like, and the first scene that I typed out was a graphic execution scene (ugh); while blood and guts aren’t something I’m really good at, I still pressed on, wanting to write something different. In the end I didn’t really like how it turned out, but it was enough to get the ball rolling. I’ll be coming back to this draft, probably re-writing it a lot, but if I want to make her back story more than just the summery you read in FS, then I’ll need to put some serious effort into this.

Another driving factor behind suddenly getting this surge to write a prelude, is because of what my English teacher said (if you follow the First Day Series, you’ll know what I mean) and seeing how I’m writing this prelude/short story and it’s in first person present tense, I may have found a winner. Too bad for my other idea though… Anyways, should I go through and actually write this, I might  look into publishing it too. Why the hell not? I mean this could work as a tester to see if anyone will like FS.

In the 400+ pages I’ve currently written for FS, I really have come to like the main girl (named Gwen actually) as she’s much different than other female characters I write. Her tragic back story adds to this, but there are certain parts to it that can’t be touched on in FS. While most of the prelude would be focusing on her over the 12 years leading up to when we meet her in FS, I would also be covering other points that are once again only touched on briefly in FS.

Another character that’s central to the story is the antagonist, Malus (big thanks to Kerche for coming with with the name, I owe you for this). Malus is the enemy of the story, he’s brutal, sadistic, ruthless, and pure evil; he’s been described as being worse than the Devil and displaying no humanity whatsoever. He’s the deadliest enemy I can dream up, one that has made it his personal goal to make the good guys suffer. I’ve put a lot of detail into the story behind Malus, why he’s the way he is and why he’s so brutal. It’s not just his sheer size and power that make him such a terrifying enemy, but also his cunning, tactics, diabolical plans and intense hatred for everything Gwen stands for that makes him such a feared enemy.

Okay so what exactly am I trying to say here? I will be writing a prelude to FS, I’ve got a general idea of what it’s going to be like and I’m excited to take on this task. And to answer that final burning question you might have: yes I’ll post it when I’m finished.

Stay tuned for more news about this and my other stories, and look forward to more on this new series, Thinking Aloud.



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