What the hell, snowplow?

Having the words ‘snowplow’ and ‘Canada’ in the same sentence aren’t really something new here in the True North, Strong and Free. I’m sure we all know about Canadian winters: the freezing of everything, -50 weather, and the throwing a bucket of water into the air and it coming back as ice. And while that’s all fun and such, where I live on the west coast, winter isn’t really the same. Here on the “Wet” Coast (nicknamed that due to the abundance of rain), our winters are a bunch of cloudy days strung together with rain, gray skies, and that oh so depressing feeling; we never really get the glorious snow that the rest of the country gets.

Picture courtesy of some other blog; sorry for using it without asking you.
Picture courtesy of some other blog; sorry for using it without asking you.

Okay I’m off topic now. Anyways, over the past little while (weeks at this point) I’ve noticed something very strange happening, so much that it’s to the point of paranoia (something not new for me). A snowplow. Yes that’s right; one single, solitary snowplow that drives up and down my street, past my house EVERY goddamn night. It’s creepy and down right scary at times. Not only was the last snow fall December 25th of last year, but the frosty cold mornings are over; basically there is no reason for the snowplow to even be driving around!

EDIT: I forgot to mention that this snowplow also drives around with flashing lights on the roof too. Yeah it’s quite the sight, maybe I’ll get a picture some night, but it’s hard since I hear it coming then by the time I’m at the window it’s already past and I just see the back of it driving off.

So first of all I like to look at all the reasons behind why this is could be happening. After ruling out the obvious: snow, frost, ice on the roads; I’m left with the horrific answer. The snowplow driver must always think it’s going to snow, thus he must always drive around in that truck in case it suddenly starts snowing.

I’m frightened at the fact that maybe he’s never gotten out of his truck, maybe he’s always sitting there, driving around at 2AM waiting for the heavens to open up and a mountain of snow to fall out. But either way it’s just down right weird that this snowplow always drives up and down past my house every night. I mean why past my place? What the hell did I ever do to him?!

So if this continues to happen into spring, not only will it continue to creep the hell outta me, but I’ll always think of that driver, mindlessly driving up and down the streets waiting for snow that’s not going to come until next December.



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