Happy Valentine’s Day

If I ever saw a girl like her about to give me chocolates in a heart shaped box, I’d probably die right on the spot; mostly because I’d have no idea what to say…

So it’s that time of year again, love is on the mind like no other time. Pink hearts in store windows, ads for romantic get-a-ways are everywhere, chocolates, roses, gifts and all that jazz; it’s everywhere you look. I wish I could relate some fantastic story about how I had a wonderful time one V-Day ago, but in reality it’s just another day on the calendar for me.

When I was in school (still am actually) I did get chocolate from girls; okay yeah it was like grades 4-6, but at least I can say that I’ve experienced that feeling of getting chocolate. It wasn’t like how it is in anime or anything like that, just a simple “Here’s some chocolate even though you don’t do the whole Valentine’s Day thing”; I felt like they gave me some just so I didn’t feel left out. But whatever the reason was, I sure as hell didn’t say no to it.

While my spot these days is just sitting back on the sidelines and watching, I still hope those out there have a good time; no one likes to have a bad Valentine’s Day, especially if you’ve been planning something for this day for a while. So for real this time, in all seriousness: Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone out there! I hope all your dreams for this very special day come true and you can spend some quality time with that special someone of yours.

From Canada with Love~



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