One Month Later…

January 16th 2013 marked the start of The SkyCorps Blog, and since that glorious day a lot has happened. So taking a look back at the first month of my blog, let’s see how it went.

Views: As of the time this is posted, the views stand at 361, which I feel is pretty good for only a month. About on average 5-10 a day (with the exception of that one day), so I’m happy to see so many visiting my blog.

Most views in a day: February 7th: 71 views (thanks guys!!)
Fewest views in a day: February 1st: 0 views (WTF guys??)

Country with the most views: Obviously I expected USA to be on top, and they’re with 127 views. Taking up second place, Netherlands with 75 views; and third belongs to Singapore with 53 views. Canada makes the list a bit farther down at 6th with 21 views.

Page with the most views: Obviously the home page with 236.

Post with the most views:Make your last words count‘ seemed to be a huge hit as it’s got 19 views, but only 2 comments, hmm…

Comments: So with over 360 views, I’ve only got a grand total of 9 comments, 7 technically if I exclude my replies. Not to be so forceful about it, but if you’ve got any questions about something you see in a post, feel free to leave a comment; I’m practically always signed in, so I’m ready to answer almost any question or such you might have. The only thing I don’t want is that if you’re going to point out any spelling/grammatical errors, please don’t go all Grammar Nazi on me.

And something really quick too about spam comments. I get the weirdest spam comments; so far I’ve racked up a bit over 50, and it’s getting slightly annoying.

Likes: The post with the most likes is ‘Thinking Aloud: Story Ideas‘ everyone seemed to like that with 8 Likes. After that it’s ‘First Day: Part 4‘, not really sure why everyone liked that one, but oh well.

Overall I’m impressed by the first month stats, and I’m looking forward to seeing them rise in the coming months. I’d like to say thank you to all those Following my blog on WordPress, and all those that like stopping by here. I’m very happy that people are coming here and enjoying what they see, and I’m so grateful that you’re still coming back too.

I’m not going to do a month by month review, but I’ll probably do another one in about 6 months and finally 1 year later.

So thank you so much for being here and I look forward to all the fun I’m going to have in the coming time with this blog. Lastly, if you’ve got any thing you want to ask me, a question about something I posted, or just some question about things in general, please feel free to do so; I welcome the feedback and it makes for a better post next time.

See you guys and girls later!



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