Ready… set…. ROLL!!



It’s that time of year again! The time all Canadians eagerly wait for; the time where sporadically buying coffee is fully justified. That means only one thing, yes it’s time for the annual Tim Hortons Roll Up the Rim to Win!!


Finally, now I can go blow all my remaining money while drinking hot chocolate and trying to win a car. Yes this truly is a wonderful time to be in Canada/a few States. Man how long I’ve waited for this; and to officially start the day before my birthday too, wow that’s special. (I turn 19 on the 19th for all those wondering)

So for all those who have no idea why the hell I’m totally acting out of character right now, take a look at this site; maybe you’ll understand it. If not, then why not plan a weekend trip to Canada and stop past Tims to try you’re luck?

Okay, I’ll calm down now. I’ve had my freak out session, now all that remains is to go drown that away with a trip to Tim Hortons. Who’s with me?!




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