Into The City with SkyCorps: Super Saturday!

So this comes a bit late, but I’ve been dealing with stuff. Anyways last Saturday (Feb 23rd) I went on yet another excursion to Victoria; the purpose of this trip? Skyfall. Yeah I know the 23rd James Bond movie just came out on Blu-Ray on the 12th, but the IMAX in Victoria runs on a different schedule so they have movies arriving a bit later than normal theaters. Hell, they’re just now getting around to playing The Hobbit.

But before the 7PM start of the final showing on it’s IMAX run, we (when I say “we” I mean myself, brother, sister, and mother) went to The Old Spaghetti Factory, aka one of the best restaurants in Victoria. Anyone living in America will know what I’m talking about. Anyways I always loving going to eat there, it’s got such a great atmosphere, the food’s nice, and the waitress are hot. That said I found myself staring a lot of the time at said waitress and hostesses… uh… like a lot of the time…. So  besides that, I enjoyed the food and drinks (sadly since I don’t have my BC ID I can’t go to the bar yet) and although we cut it close, we made it out by 6:15 to go stand in line at the IMAX.

Now I should take the time to mention this certain area of Victoria. Last time I made a trip down to the capital, I walked up and down Government Street, aka the tourist hot spot in the city. But even though I took pictures, I never really got to mention any personal feelings I experienced while I walked around.

Living up Island, going to Victoria is always a treat; so each time I really like to savor that chance to just take in the feeling. Yeah okay I’m sounding kinda stupid now, but for real I just love to stroll around some place like downtown Victoria and soak in all that big city vibe. From the totally different crowds of people to every other car being a new BMW, I love that feeling every time; and when the day is over and it’s time to drive back I’m saddened that it’s over so soon. Saturday’s trip I enjoyed a lot, not only because I got to see James Bond on a 60×80 foot IMAX screen, but I also had another great time walking about.

So as showtime arrived, and I sat waiting on the ledge dividing the ramps leading up to the doors, I could feel the finale of the day starting. Walking into the large auditorium you get that rush of excitement, all 400 people  there to enjoy a movie, it’s a great feeling. Finally after nearly 10 minutes of people coming in and finding seats, it was time to “sit back and enjoy the magic of IMAX.”

Skyfall was of course awesome, as many are calling it “The Best Bond Movie of All Time”and I really have to agree. It was amazing! If you haven’t had the chance to watch it, I totally recommend you go out and buy, rent, steal it from a store or pirate this movie; you’ll have a great time watching it. But as this isn’t a review, I’ll same my thoughts for later.

Walking back out into the cold at 9:45PM, I was buzzing from the movie. Still amped and ready for more, I wanted to run through the streets or something, release all this energy I’d built up. But keeping myself calm and composed, like the responsible 19 year old I am, I kept those feelings for another time.With still room left on the memory card of the camera, I needed to snap a few more pictures before we left town. Here’s how they turned out:

Okay my photography skills aren’t exactly par with the world, but what the hell; like I give two shits anyways? Driving out through downtown, I had to accept the fact that energy build up from all the excitement was slowly starting to fade. We were headed back home… where hell is. *sigh* But at least for those 8 or so hours from when we left to when we got home, that really made Saturday, a Super Saturday. Wonder what next weekend holds in store?

Before I close this, I still want to throw in a few more things. I might have mentioned I’m a car nut, well mildly I guess. My taste is quite expensive and my dream car proves just that. Anyways, another thing I love about going to Victoria, are all the nice cars (my sister says it’s x100 in Vancouver). BMW’s are definitely the ones you see the most, followed closely by Mercedes Benz, Audi, and Porsche. Sometimes I’ll see a few extra special cars too, Roll-Royce, Maserati and other’s along those lines.

So wrapping this up, we stopped passed the newly built mall, Uptown. While my mother and sister looked at a few stores, I snapped a few more pictures, sorry for the bad quality of these too.

So I think that’s about it for this post. After a quick stop at Tim Hortons we headed back, arriving home at 11:40PM.

Yeah it was a long day, but a fun one at that. I enjoyed myself a lot, saw a great movie in IMAX, took pictures, walked around a bit, saw a bunch of hot girls also walking around and at The Old Spaghetti Factory, and saw a ton of nice cars too. In my pitiful books that’s what I call a “good day”.

Until my next adventure Into The City, I’ll see you later!


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