It’s… over?

After weeks of tormenting, I think it’s finally over. Yes that’s right; the snowplow may have done it’s final rounds.

I’ve been listening every night (why wouldn’t I) to hear if my strange friend would drive past, and night after night he never failed. Driving up and down the road, lights going, plow at the ready, and that driver hoping the biggest snowfall might happen that night. It was scaring the shit outta me to say the least; I mean what the hell kinda person keeps patrolling the same streets night after night like that when they know snow isn’t gonna be falling?

Either way I think it’s finally stopped. I haven’t heard/seen him in about a week, so I’m going to take that as a sign he’s finally gone for the time being. I can know rest easy knowing he’s not still out there; and now that one terror is off my mind I can try and think of how to stop another terror that’s slowly brewing. This one being a direct threat to my safety too.

Hopefully next winter Mr. Snowplow will be back (considering it snows…) and then he’ll have an actual legit reason for cruising the streets at night. I highly doubt it’s going to snow again though, I mean it’s almost spring and I don’t think it’s ever snowed this late in the year (at least in my area that is).

Well that’s all for now I guess. So comes a close to a week of ‘meaningful‘ posts.



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