A late night visit from the cops

I’ll be serious here, no joking around.

So early Sunday morning, 3:30AM (yes I’m still up at that hour) I heard a sound. At first I thought it was my brother up in his room banging around, and disregarded it. Focusing back at the computer I kept doing what I was doing. Then I heard the sound again, this time it sounded different. Like it was coming from outside. *cue scary music* So right away I turn the lights off and grab my knife (yes I have a knife, nothing too big, but a knife just the same).

Exiting my room I see my brother standing on the stairs. He looks and me and I look at him.

Brother: “Was that you?”

Me: “Was that you?”

Brother: “No.”

Me: “What the hell was that then?”

Rushing back up to my brother’s room we take a look out the window. That’s when I see it. There down by the road are flashing lights. Police. Rushing out to the kitchen we look through the dining room window that over looks the road and see three police cars and one police SUV park on the curb; lights flashing and a few drunk looking guys sitting on the sidewalk. They all sat there talking and such for about a good 30 minutes, a fourth cop car joining them for a bit, but it wasn’t until after 4AM did they finally haul the guys off and all drive away.

So post reaction thoughts were along the lines of: “Wow that was intense, stuff like that never happens.” “Man I wish a got a few pictures or something…” “I should totally write a blog post about this.”

After it was all said and done, I still had my room to finish cleaning, a bed to make, and sleep to be had. Okay I went back on the computer after that too, mostly because I was to excited by the events to readily get to sleep. In the end I broke a record, unlocking the achievement ‘Night Owl’ by staying up until 5AM.

I didn’t wake up until noon about a good 6 hours later. But then again that’s pretty standard for a weekend. Late to bed, late to rise.




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