Small changes to the blog

So maybe you’ve noticed it, hopefully so, but I’ve made a few small changes to my blog here. First of all the header (that picture at the top of the page) is now rotating to another picture at times. The totally awesome Madoka Kyouno from Rinne no Lagrange will always be there, she’s my icon after all, but I’ve added another cool picture that I’m using on my Gravatar and Google+ profiles. Personally I really love that picture, so cool!

Next I’ve added a 5 Star Rating system for each post, ranging from ‘Fucking terrible’ to ‘FUCKING AWESOME!’ (no joke, check it out). Under that, I’ve got ‘Tell The World’ or the share buttons; finally under that I added a Like button that shows how many and who has Liked each post. Now what’s new to all this is that you can now see it on the home page, something that used to be only when you click to read the post.

It’s not much, but I’m always looking to improve my blog, making it more enjoyable for you the reader. So I hope you like these small changes and expect more things to be added in the future.




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