Someday in the rain…


Today was just one of those days. Good, yet just enough annoying things to make it not the perfect day I wanted. I awoke at 7:15AM to the rhythmic drumming of the rain falling. A pineapple express decided to roll through my neck of the woods this week, soaking everything in it’s path. A light breakfast of toast and eggs later and I’m out the door with my brother at 8:20AM. He takes the umbrella while I use the hood of my coat. We walk briskly down the sidewalk, rain pouring with every step.

So it’s gonna be one of these days today. Huh… well I guess it’s not spring just yet. Another week or so and it’s “officially” that time of the year.

We part ways at my brother’s school; I take the umbrella the rest of the way. Walking down the street my mind’s flooded with random thoughts: dialog for my stories, trying to remember a strange dream I had about a pretty girl I’ve never met, and that nagging feeling that I’ve got water in my right boot. I arrive at school to find a dark class room, a girl and guy sitting in seats on opposite sides of the room. He’s at his usual back corner on his laptop, and she’s front and center deeply engrossed with her work. I crack a cheap joke about it being slightly wet outside as I pass her. She laughs and says it’s gonna be like this for the next 48 hours.

Oh shit, that’s just dandy. Now I’ll be drenched everyday this week.

I take my usual back corner seat on the near side of the class room. That other guy sitting far on my 3. Unpacking my books I take my coat off noticing the rain had seeped through to my hoodie underneath. It’s only on the shoulders, but I take it off to dry either way. The room partially fills up over the next 10 minutes; 9:00 finally arrives, time to start class.

Cute Girl walks in. My heart stops. The room is still fairly empty, plenty of seats still available to take. Passing them all she walks to my table, taking a seat beside me.

Okay buddy, don’t be a douche, say something!

I turn slightly to her and greet her with a forced “Good morning~!”. She replies in like tone, although not forced like mine. Taking a look at the white board, I see group work planned for today. My heart starts back up again and soars off. Cute Girl hasn’t been there in a while, the last sighting of her was about 2 weeks ago and before that not for almost a month. Our teacher comes over to our desk during some group work, welcoming her back. From the sounds of it I’m concluding she’s been out sick, but I can’t say for sure.

So will I actually try having a normal conversation today? Try and act like a human? Hmm? How can I talk with the girl sitting in front of me so easily and not her? What the hell gives?

We ended up working together for most of the class time. Conversation stayed at a low. She didn’t seem too talkative today, and me… well I’m sure you all know why. We finish class with an in depth discussion of connotation and denotation regarding a short story we’re reading. I’ve read the story before, back in grade 9, but that was years ago and I only remember fragments of it. We never did an in-depth look at it either, so this was appreciated.

I know Cute Girl is in my math class which follows English, but she stands to leave anyways. Knowing it would be the right thing to do I tell her “See you later~!”, she replies with a simple “Yeah”. Walking out of the classroom it’s just myself, two girls in front of me, the teacher, and two other girls talking with her.

Damn it, did I screw up or something? Was I supposed to say something worth while this time? Wait… why do I always get so worked up if I think something didn’t go right?

Teacher leaves along with three of the four girls. The girl I can converse normally to sits in front of me. Leaning forward I start a conversation on math and the recent test. She got 8/17 while I picked up only 5/17. My boat now has one more. Math starts shortly after factoring being the topic dealt with today. I actually understand what’s going on for once, making class period a hell of a lot more productive. As per usual, my day is over at noon, all the remains is the walk back. It’s stopped raining by now making the walk much better.

So how do I tally up today? Good? Bad? Somewhere in the middle? Hmm…

I return to my jumbled thoughts as I walk. The half remembered dream of an amazingly beautiful girl, dialog for my story, the tune of a Vocaloid song, what people are saying about the Canucks, the brand new white Mercedes Benz GLK 350 4MATIC pulling into that school, the slightly cool breeze on my face, and a blog post I should write.

My sister is waiting on the front steps as I walk up the driveway. She was out earlier this morning and doesn’t have keys to the house. Everybody else is conveniently out. She’s been there for a good half hour, trying everything from banging on the door to picking the lock. I pull my keys out and let us in. Hoping on the computer, even before I’ve “cleaned” my room I check things out and say hi to a few friends.

Thinking back to the events of today, it’ hard to really say whether or not it was a good day. For some strange reason or another I enjoyed the downpour today, it seemed to calm things. The events of the afternoon annoyed me though; unwillingly having to go help pull shit out from under a friends deck because they’re moving over the weekend, and then the general home life.

Thinking about it some more though, it was just an average day. Nothing super special happened I guess, but then again when does it? When I look back at this day a few days later, all that I’ll remember about it was that it was just…

…someday in the rain.



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