We get a Spring Break, right? Right….?

Thursday I was horrified to learn we don’t get a Spring Break. That’s right, no 2 weeks off to sit around and do nothing. Wow, really? Who the hell thought that was a good idea?

(Strong language ahead)

This really brings to mind another last semester in my previous math course. Our teacher completely and totally hates the administration that runs our school (we’ve got multiple campuses, the main one being up Island) because they’re such bureaucrats. Their decision making skills are shit, they come up with the stupidest things, and seemingly are out to fuck everyone over. (Pardon my strong feelings)

So this time around, their reason for no 2 week break was because,”it wasn’t good for the students last year, so they don’t need a break this year” or something along those lines. What the hell kinda reasoning is that?! Do they even fucking think things like this through or do they just say whatever and make it stick? Seriously…

That all said and done, what happens now? Well we motor on through the coming weeks and hopefully get Easter off. I mean we all need to run around looking for chocolate eggs left by an imaginary rabbit once a year. The only good thing that comes outta this, is that my year is over May 24th. Probably the earliest I’ve ever gotten out of school for the entire time I’ve been going to school (which is a long time). So while the rest of the kids hang around in class until the end of June, I’ll be sitting back at the movies watching Star Trek: Into Darkness and Iron Man 3 while they’re still puttering around solving for X.

Damn, it felt good to let that rant out!




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  1. We’ve had so many snow days here in Massachusetts that people keep saying they’re going to take our April break away. The kids are already so burnt out, I can’t imagine how they’ll be if we take away their only break in Spring!


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