Anyone who wears glasses will totally get this

Show of hands, who here wears glasses?

The one thing I hate about glasses is the fact they get smudged so easily. Just after cleaning them, it seems the world is suddenly out to make them dirty once more. Everything from dust to bugs to dirt attracts to your eyes, it’s strange.

The good thing I like about cleaning your glasses is once you put them back on and look around, the world suddenly becomes clearer, brighter, and the colors are richer. It’s like switching from 480p to 4K. Looking at the world through smudged lenses makes everything seem faded and dull, seriously I’m not joking here. Simple things you don’t notice will suddenly have a vibrant and deep color when you clean those smudges off; maybe it’ll make you stop and smell the roses while you’re at it too.

I’ve had my glasses since November 11th 2009 that’s 3 years so far, and not once have I broken them or cracked a lens. I deem that pretty good as when the optometrist was giving me the run down on glasses, she seemed to be indirectly saying most people break theirs quiet often. I can see that I’m grasping for words here, so I should end this quickly.

The point I set out to make, was bring to light the shocking difference’s I notice once I clean my glasses. Maybe this isn’t really blog post worthy, but I’m sure someone out there who wears glasses has similar thoughts and feelings about this.


P.S. I’d like to thank the two people who Liked this post, making it my 100th and 101st Like. Thank you!


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