Getting really sick of this…

Two bad things in two days, that’s enough to make anyone rage hardcore. So what’s the cause for this?

First of all like everyday, I rush home from school to talk with friends online (the time zone difference is 8/9 hours hence the rushing); so Tuesday I get home by 12:20PM, my usual time, but upon entering my room, my brother informs me the Internet is down. Yeah, someone didn’t pay the bill, pff, figures… So after all that walking I’m screwed in the end. With everything out of my reach to personally deal with it, I made lunch and walked back down to the library (which is pretty much across the parking lot from my school, so it’s like I walked back to where I just came from) and used the computers there.

Thing is though, the library computers only let you stay on there for an hour; unlike Victoria where I’ve spent many hours (like whole afternoon’s). So with only 60 minutes, I checked my e-mails, blog, talked with a few people, and checked a few sites I frequent. It was an hour well spent, but also annoying as I don’t like sitting in a library with the top weirdos of the town. I’m talking like smelly, dirty, horrifyingly overweight, hobos, and all the douche bag guys from the high school. I’ve got an extremely low tolerance for any of their shit, so I’m glad none of them bothered me, I might have broken an arm on them. Leaving an hour later, I walked back with my sister (oh yeah she came along too) and we arrived back home to find the Internet back up and running. Yay.

But as not being able to connect to the world being pretty annoying, but what’s worse is when Mother Nature decides to fuck with you. Wednesday afternoon as I’m walking home with my brother, we get to the intersection and I smash the cross button as always, only to notice all the traffic lights were out. Shit. Yeah right then and there I nearly started raging hardcore once more. Oh yeah, this was after I had slipped and partially fallen in a muddy puddle, so I wasn’t in the best mood to start with.

Upon getting home my fears were confirmed, the power was out. Well fuck, there goes my afternoon now. Crashing back into my room I decided to sleep instead of do any homework; waking up a few hours later, I see the green and blue light of the router/modem flashing. The power was back!

So there you go, two things that annoy the hell outta me. There are others, not exactly super note worthy (I think seeing my parents always arguing makes the list too). In general I usually don’t get all worked up about things, mostly because I just don’t care enough to. But when it comes to the power and Internet, I rage when they’re not there on demand.

In the end I still need to watch ep 11 of Tamako Market (really good anime I recommend to you out there) and hopefully get a chance to talk with someone online I missed by 20 minutes. I rate this as a bad day though, nothing good happening so far. And considering I’m writing this at 7PM, I doubt something amazing will be happening soon.

Meh… fuck it; there’s always tomorrow. I’m hungry now.




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