Guys night out

Being so non-social and misanthropic most of the time, I usually always pass up any sort of get together with anyone. Saturday night though, I got a call from some friends saying they were inviting a few guys over to hang out and stuff. Before I had even finished hearing the plan, my knee jerk reaction was ‘no’. I didn’t actually say that too him, but I was pretty adamant about not wanting to go.

Mom forced me to go in the end and thought I haven’t said anything, I do thank her for doing that. Anyways, my brother and I were picked up and driven to the house where the other guys already where waiting (and if you’re wondering there was adult supervision and nobody got hurt). Upon arriving we took up seats in the living room and pretty much sat and talked for most of the time, while the adult (the father of the guy who invited us) barbecued wings for us.

As the night wore on, more food was needed so we ordered pizza. With music playing throughout the night, we pretty much sat and talked, joked, had a great time, and ate tons of food too.

In the end we played some Rock Band, watched Saturday Night Live, and some of Independence Day before finally heading home at 1:30AM. But the fun wasn’t over just yet. The drive back was probably the best part. Now all the guys there are big into cars (not exactly ricers, but along those lines) so the guy who drove us back is always working on his car and racing it with other guys around town. Now imagine the quiet empty roads at 1:30AM… yeah it was a wild ride back. Even through town he didn’t stop driving fast, so we tore through the downtown core going near highway speeds. God… it was so much fun!

Arriving back home close to 2AM we awoke my sister and mother (yeah they were pissed) and I was still so full of energy that I couldn’t get to sleep for a while after. I think it was around 4AM where I finally started to doze off, only to wake up past noon Sunday afternoon.

So what’s so special about this? Considering I really don’t like going out and doing stuff like this, I have to say it was a very enjoyable evening and I would totally do it again anytime. The downside though: I missed watching the finale for Psycho-Pass and Robotics;Notes (two more anime you had better be watching).

I guess I learned something last night: maybe having friends in real life isn’t so bad after all.




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