Thinking Aloud: April Fools Post (prank not included)

So across many sites and blogs I frequent, I’ve noticed a trend in the April Fools jokes: they’re usually always about the site closing. Now I know that’s a pretty time tested one, but also at the same time it’s a bit overused, like you expect it to happen.

Truth be told I’ve never pulled a prank like that, seriously I’m not bullshitting here. I’ve fallen victim to a few but it was partially because I let my guard down for a bit. Most pranks are quite easy to see through, (i.e. site closing) so you can pretty much expect it’s going to be a joke. The jokes that mostly annoy me are the ones you know it’s a joke, but you can’t shake the feeling that there might be some truth to it. You read something or see something, and all logic is telling you it’s not real, but if you let that tiny doubt linger too long, you start to question it.

Damn it… I’m getting off topic here. Fuck it, I’m continuing with this.

Okay, okay. I’m not really the one that likes jokes all the much actually; it’s gotta be genuinely funny to get me to laugh, shit like that is few and far in between too. So surfing the web today (yeah I just said surfing the web), I came across a few sites that had this post/update with a closure or what have you. While I wasn’t swayed all the much, some it did take me a while to catch on. I didn’t have some huge facepalming disaster once I realized I’d been pranked, it was more of a “Meh, nice one” response from me. But even so I still had to tell myself to let go of any lingering doubts that I had and face the facts. A good 90% of the shit that goes down on this day isn’t real, the sooner I can force myself to think that, the sooner I can push that doubt out of my mind and continue on with things.

Maybe I’m too worked up about this, or maybe I just wanted to vent some long deep seeded annoyance, but either way April Fools isn’t all the funny any more. It’s like the joke that’s been told at every party you go to, it’s only funny the first time, any more and it’s pointless, tasteless, overused, rehashed, so last year, but most importantly very expected. If you want to do something funny, at least think of something a bit more original; show us something we ain’t never seen before.

Before I close, I should also mention the announcement of new things too. Any new products/anime/movies/something else along those lines that gets announced today, is probably going to also be fake. It kinda annoys me once more, I mean you wake up and just want things to be like how they always are. You go to your trusted sites you love so much and you seen this new whatever announced. You get happy, like it’s just what you needed; but then you start reading and realize it’s all a lie. My paranoia side is kicking in now.

Kinda makes you start to wonder what else is a lie. Maybe there are a bunch of other things that you’ve believed that are also fake. Hmm, not too far fetched is it? Well there I go again, letting that doubt take over. You can’t kill an idea after all, anyone who’s seen Inception and Sherlock knows that. All it takes is just one tiny shred of doubt and you start to question it all.

Guess I’ve more or less made a point. I feel this was just some useless rant spurred on by my negative feelings towards there not being a female villain in G.I Joe: Retaliation (yeah I saw that today, pretty good I guess, nice gun porn though, they didn’t slack on that). Anyways, enjoy your April 1st, or as I would normally say at the start of a new month: “What the hell will this month bring?”



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