Tales of Sky: Cleaning Part 1

I’m guessing you like having a clean room, right? Nice vacuumed carpet. Polished dresser and shelves. Window sills clean and mold free, right? You like that kinda stuff eh? Well so do I.

Okay, stop your laughing now. Believe it or not, I do clean my room. While to many that term is very loosely used, but to me it’s what I call a clean. First of all I should get down to the basics of my room. Use said below drawing as a reference.

Yeah, that's where I live
Yeah, that’s where I live

So as one can see, the pile of junk takes up a lot of space. It’s probably more in real life, but as I don’t actually want to show you real pictures, this is all you get.

Anyways, I don’t have a ‘bed’ bed, it’s more like a futon like thing I sleep on; so it moves out of the way during the day and opens up tons of room for shit to take up. By the way that linked picture isn’t actually my room, just an example of what I’m talking about. Okay moving on, so with my bed out of the way during the day, that pile of shit to the right of it starts to move over and take up space. You might have noticed I have no closet in my room too, that’s a key factor in why my room is so bad. If I had a closet, than half of the pile would be gone.

Okay, so as far as cleaning goes, what happens when I announce that I’m “going to clean the room” is I push all of the shit that came out of that pile, back into the pile and make my bed up. It’s a nightmarish thing to imagine, this huge pile of looming boxes, clothes, pillows, and books always there at night; but it knows it’s place and doesn’t fall on me as I sleep.

So a funny think usually happens when I say I’m “off to clean the room”: nobody believes that I actually clean the room. I get the usual sarcastic responses from everyone (no offense to who I’m talking about), and it just makes the whole situation seem funny somehow. I honesty try and keep my room clean, or as clean as it can be, but from my frighteningly bad food spilling habits and the fact I usually don’t vacuum until I start to see huge clumps of fuzz and stuff on the floor, my room tends to get rather dirty quickly.

That’s it for part 1 of Tales of Sky: Cleaning.

Next time: When it’s actually time to do a full room clean, how do I go about doing that.


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