Tales of Sky: Cleaning Part 2

So… my mother has yelled at me long enough, meaning it’s finally time to clean my room. Looking around I mentally map out what needs to actually be cleaned, and what can just be pushed off to the side.

Okay so it looks like I’ll just vacuum, maybe dust a bit, push that pile of shit back into the corner, and that’s about it.

Vacuuming is something I actually do take some time in. I can’t stand seeing fuzz and stuff lying around on the carpet, so I go balls to the wall in vacuuming; leave no stone unturned. After that’s complete, I take a look at the dust on the table. Okay maybe you’ve noticed this, but dusting after you vacuum probably isn’t the best idea. Why? Well think about it for a sec: you dust all he dust off dresser/desk/shelves (if I had some) and all that dust goes onto the floor, yeah really smart Sky….

Truth be told I actually don’t like dusting. It’s time consuming, makes me sneeze like fuck, and you’ve gotta move shit outta the way to do so. I hate wasting my time moving all the contents of my desk off just to dust, then move them back on in a second. And if I do that anyways, I don’t even dust said contents that I move off the table, I dust just the table. So I’ll have a pile of dusty whatever sitting on a dusted table. Yeah, really smart Sky…

Now in terms of cleaning my room on a regular basis, yeah that doesn’t really happen. Seriously I just don’t/won’t find the time to do it. My mom has to pretty much yell into I get it done (really smart Sky…); that said, my room usually isn’t in the most presentable. But what the hell, I mean the only people who are ever in my room besides me are the other members of my family, and they don’t really say too much unless it’s really bad.

So in conclusion, that’s how I clean. Yeah I’m a total guy when it comes to shit like this, but hey… that’s what works for me I guess. I mean I haven’t died from some weird dust related parasite yet, so that’s a good sign, and I can still see the carpets natural color, that’s a plus too. So as my list of stuff that I have to do gets smaller, my room hopefully should look more normal someday; maybe I’ll even take a picture of it once I’m finished the full clean and have the boxes put somewhat away and the shelves put up. But that’s only if we don’t get evicted anytime soon…. yeah that’s another story in itself, one I won’t be relating too.

I hope you enjoyed this random two part series. I kinda wrote it mostly because someone (yes I’m talking about you) gave me the idea to do so; thanks for doing that by the way. I might have more stuff in the Tales of Sky series, not about cleaning, but other random stuff. Oh and just if you’re wondering, any series related to my adventures at school with the cute girl, yeah she’s been gone for a month and I don’t expect her to return. That said I’m removing all of the First Day posts from my blog effective immediately.




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