Thinking Aloud: Overcoming writers block

So I’m sure somewhere along the line, someone told you writer’s block isn’t real. They might have led you to believe that there is/was/never will be writers block; that is totally impossible for that to happen. Well I’ve got some news. They lied. Whoever told you that was bullshitting you. Writers block is totally real and it can totally happen to us (yeah I just grouped us all into a category, deal with it).

I experience writers block many a times. I sit down to write, but I get nothing. I know what I want to write, but in all my current stories, I’m not at that part in which I want to write. I’m too obsessed with detailing the ending/final battle that I can’t think of the extremely important things that lead up to said battle. It’s frustrating actually, I mean I’ve been writing for ages it seems, but I’ll have these horrible¬†bouts of writers block and I simply can’t write anything. So in short, where is this all leading up to?

Over the past little while I’ve been struggling of things to write about on my blog. Sure things happen in my mundane life, but nothing worth blogging about. I mean who the fuck cares about my failing times in math class? Or how my parents didn’t pay the Internet bill again and we went without that for almost a day? I need something meaningful, worthwhile, and yes funny to say. In doing some hard thinking, it’s made me recall a time from long ago, back when I was in grade 9 I think, a writing assignment I did for English class.

In said assignment, I was to write a page or so that would act as a ‘journal’ for that day. Still being my normal self, I thought hard about this assignment and what I should/could write. After much thinking, I finally decided to put fingers to keyboard and go at it. In the end I actually successfully wrote a full page about absolutely nothing. Yeah that’s right. I wrote about nothing at all. Pretty much like I’m almost doing right now. Strange eh? I can’t remember the mark I got on that assignment, but I know for a fact my teacher was pleasantly surprised by my choice of a journal.

So besides wanting to relate that random story, I just really wanted to post something, so I guess this is it. It’s funny how I can come up with ideas to write about. I look at many things as possible inspiration for things to write a story about. Take me failing math class and having to redo it; as shitty as that is, I came out of that with a story idea, two characters, and dialog for them. Sure it’s nothing super detailed, but the fact alone that I was able to do that is pretty good I must say.

Switching gears here, I think I’m going to start posting a picture with each post. I want to spice this up with more than just walls upon walls of text, you guys need something to look at too. I can say that said picture I choose will not always be related to what I’m talking about, but I just want to do something new for a change. Over 500 words later and I’ve pretty much written about not much at all, and seriously it’s not that hard to do.

Jumping to another thought, I had my first Skype call today, and I must say I enjoyed it immensely. At first my heart was pounding so hard I thought it was going to blow up, but as I settled down, my nerves calmed and I was able to open up a bit and actually talk. Yeah that’s something big coming from me; I mean I pretty much vowed to never talk on a Skype call, but I realized that I maybe shouldn’t always stay holed up in my igloo of mine and actually get out and talk with people for once. In the end it did me a lot of good and now I’m really looking forward to doing that again.

Wow, okay I’ve said a lot and now I’m hungry again. Yeah that happens a lot when there never is any food in the fucking fridge. Feast or famine; that’s the saying around my place. Fuck… I’m off topic again. Sorry. Okay next post I’ll have a picture along with it. That’s all for now.



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