Story Time (attempt #2)

My last short story wasn’t exactly what you call “short” and my teacher called me out on that one. So in one last ditch effort, I was able to convince her to let me write another one, and now I’m finished it. So this time around I’ve pieced together a bunch of small ideas I’ve had for a bit now, and put them all into one story.

It’s nothing like the last one, no violence, language, blood guts and gore, just a nice conversation between two students waiting for the bus. I tried out something I’ve been eager to use, which is write a short story with just dialog, the result is pretty good I think.

Okay, so without any more delays, enjoy my second attempt at writing a short story for English class. Read it here~!

Let me know what you think okay? I really want some feedback on this one as I’m thinking about fleshing it out into a full story.





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