Tales of Sky: Light Troubles

Like many other people, I’ve got a lamp in my room that I use for many things; reading and lighting the room being the main things. Anyways, the lamp I’ve got uses a different bulb then normal ones, it’s a bit more extreme. So as nice as this lamp is, it’s got one huge drawback: it’s always burning out.

Now before you start listing off all the things I might be doing wrong, let me answer before you ask. Yes I’m using the right wattage bulb, I read the label and everything. Second, I don’t keep the light on 24/7; I use it a lot but even so I’m sure we all use a lamp in our bedroom all the time and it doesn’t burn out within two weeks of replacing the bulb.

Meet the bulb that'll always let you down.
Meet the bulb that’ll always let you down.

It’s getting to the point where it’s beyond annoying, it’s just getting expensive now. I mean these bulbs aren’t exactly cheap (and I don’t exactly have money to spend on them) so why can’t they just last long like any normal light bulb? According to the Sylvania site, the bulb (Par16 50 watt 120 volt) is rated to last 3000 hours, which I’m guessing is like standard everyday use. Well maybe I’m cursed with buying faulty bulbs, but mine never seem to last.

The current one lasted about 2 weeks before going blowing this morning. Hell, I wasn’t even out of bed yet and bad shit was happening, a sure sign of a day. Anyways, I confirmed the bulb going out, as when I shook it I could hear the filament (correct me if I’m wrong) rattling around inside. So once again it’s not a problem with having the wrong bulb, as it clearly says what type it’s supposed to use.

I’m just so frustrated by this whole thing; I mean maybe it’s just me, but seriously this really pisses me off. What’s worse, when we moved 8 months back (actually evicted) one of my other lamps was packed in a box with the bulb still in (just a normal 100 watt bulb). To this day that same bulb is working. How the fuck is that?! I expected this bulb to have broken ages ago, but no; this motherfucker is still going strong and is kicking the other guy’s ass.

Long story short, I’ve got a very strange case of light troubles with this lamp. What’s worse is that it’s one of those cases in which everything should be working, but still it’s not and there is no apparent reason for it not working. Damn… I hate it when that happens.



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