It’s not summer just yet you know…

Doesn't this remind you of summer? Hmm?
Doesn’t this remind you of summer? Hmm?

So I’m walking home today from school and I see this girl. She’s one of the town’s finer looking young women (as that’s not something you really see around here) but what made her stand out was what she was wearing. She dressed as if we were going through some kinda heat wave or something. She’d fit in somewhere like LA or Miami, but not here. Anyways we passed each other and I kept walking; maybe she smiled in my direction or maybe it was just a general acknowledgment of another human being there, who knows. She must have been wearing perfume though as this pleasant sent reached my nose.

As I continued my journey back home, I saw something similar happening. Another girl dressed for summer. Like for real…? Seems like the moment it gets mildly nice out, the day there aren’t any clouds in the sky, people get this misconception that it’s automatically hot out. That it’s totally cool to crack out the shorts, tank tops, flip flops, and go shirtless (I mean any guys who do that); in reality though, it’s not warm at all. I mean sure I felt a bit warm, but your body generates heat as you walk briskly. Everybody knows that.

I know spring started last month and the days are getting longer and supposedly warmer, but seriously I haven’t seen that happen at all. I’m still wearing jeans every day, got my hoodie and messenger bag, I’m dressed more appropriately for the weather. So as we move closer to that elusive “summer” I’ll keep my hopes up for spring to stay nice; I mean I didn’t complain about seeing those girls dressed like that, just questioned their strange choice of clothing for such a not warm day. It’s been winter too long anyways, maybe someone needs to show some skin or something…



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