Tales of Sky: Learning to read…. again

At 19 years of age, I’m well versed in the English language and can fully read and write properly. In English though, and just English. So a few months back you may recall I went into the city and while I was there I saw a manga I wanted to get. Well I finally started reading it, like how many fucking months later?

If anybody here has never read a manga, the first thing you’ll notice is when you pick it up and flip it open, you’ll be starting at the end of the book. Hmm, that’s right. They do things a bit differently in Japan. So after you’re thoroughly confused enough, start reading it like a normal English book. Nope, wrong again. Left to right isn’t the way, right to left is. If you start of the left page and try to work to you right, well the conversation the characters are having, or action taking place, will make absolutely no sense. You’ll feel like you’ve been dropped into the middle of somebody’s life with no idea who the hell they are or what the hell is even going on.

"Just follow the arrows and you won't get lost" they said; yet look where the hell I am now?
“Just follow the arrows and you won’t get lost” they said; yet look where the hell I am now. Lost, confused and wondering why it wasn’t so easy.

Okay, now that you’ve gotten past the right to left, it’s still hard reading the dialog boxes. I’m so used to normal comic books (Batman ftw) and I know that it’s left to right. Picking up a manga and diving into it proved fatal for me. I felt so totally confused even though I know how to read one. I was constantly getting lost, reading the wrong box, and trying to start on the left page and just generally doing everything wrong.

I’m sure all those who read manga on a more regular basis are laughing their ass off right now; but seriously I wasn’t expecting it to be so fucking hard! I mean it’s just reading after all, I should be pro at this!




  1. Haha I have read so much manga and Japanese books that I am at the point if I pick up an English book I get confused as to why I am reading the ending.


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