Finally it’s getting nice out

Yay! Kirino!
Yay! Kirino!

A little while ago I wrote a post about how I felt it was strange seeing girls dressing for summer weather while it’s still cloudy out. Since then the weather has really improved and it’s actually time to finally crack out the shorts and t-shirts.

Wednesday as I sat in the Math classroom waiting for class to begin, I watched the students walked in. It was quiet for the most part, but then in walked this one pretty hot girl who usually dresses up way too much for school. So instead of wearing something that you might wear out to a fancy restaurant, she was dressed in the better attire for warm weather. Shorts (showing off a lot of leg) and a top that looked really nice on her (before I go any further, she has a boyfriend already so don’t even bother telling me to go talk to her, okay?) So as she sat down and got her books out, I realized that she was going to be quite distracting as she was only a few seats away.

I kept my cool like always, silent and invisible. Her mannerisms were quite flirty and she seemed to be really enjoying herself today. Napster usually sits with her and the two seem like good friends. So I’m working away on the questions from the textbook, but every few minutes my eyes slowly drift to my right, to where she’s sitting. She’s laughing and giggling, having a great time.

What struck me as strange, is that I’m used to not being distracted like that. Sure there are times when I happen to glance over at a pretty girl sitting somewhere in the classroom, but never times where I actively find myself looking over continually at a girl. I’ve never actually spoken to this girl before, no “good morning” or “hello”, absolutely nothing at all. So the clock is ticking away, we’re multiplying radicals, I’m still glancing over at her every few moments. Yeah getting frustrated now. Like I need to fail math any more then I already am.

At one point she did look my way though, maybe she caught me looking but I can’t confirm that. Class ends and we pack up to leave. She’s walking in front of me still talking to Napster. They’re still laughing and having a great time. I’m not one for speaking up unless I have to so I just walk and watch; silent and invisible. We get outside and she flips her sunglasses on, finishing her attire and now looking very nice.

Walking through the parking lot I decided not to look back as she got into her car and drove off. I just kept walking, my mind lost in yet another jumble. I played out a few scenarios  in my mind in where I said something to the girl. Strangely enough, they all ended the same; with me leaving in embarrassment.

Okay seeing that I’m way off topic here now, the point is that yes, it’s now  finally time to crack out the summer clothes. The weather is finally warm, summer is on the horizon and if this nice weather keeps up, then hopefully this girl will keep wearing summer clothes. I can’t wait to walk around Victoria now…


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