Getting ready for summer!

No this isn’t a third part about girls dressed in summer clothes, but something arguably better. Movies. I’m a huge movie goer. I love watching movies and this summer will not disappoint. I kicked off the movie season on April 1st with a trip to see G.I. Joe: Retaliation, that could’ve gone better, but it was pretty okay to say that least. I followed that up with last Tuesday nights screening of Oblivion. I really enjoyed that movie a lot and totally recommend anyone to check that one out. But those are like the appetizers. The best are yet to come.

May 3rd in North America is when the totally awesome Iron Man 3 touches down in 2D, 3D, and IMAX. I’ve been looking forward to this movie since last year’s box office masterpiece The Avengers. I’m a huge comic book movie fan and Iron Man 3 looks like it’s gonna be a amazing.

Following that a few weeks later we have the next instalment of the 2009 epic Star Trek: Into Darkness. Not only being a Trekkie, but also a huge fan of BBC’s Sherlock (aka the best show on TV, ever) Into Darkness looks like it’s going to be one hell of a movie. From the trailers I’ve seen I’m giddy with excitement to just think about it.

Next is a smaller movie that I may or may not see in theatres, Epic. Now normally I hate Dreamworks and will stick to Pixar, but as Pixar’s quality has been turning to shit, Dreamworks should try and capitalize on that. I saw the preview for Epic a while ago and I really liked it a lot, so maybe if I can get around to it, I’ll check it out on the big screen.

June 14th is another huge day as Man of Steel arrives. Not only does this look like the best Superman movie, but with Christopher Nolan helping out you know it’s gonna be great. After reading Superman Earth One, Man of Steel really reminds me of that comic. The origins of Superman and how he grows up to become who we know him as. Either way it all goes down in June, and it’s gonna be something amazing too.

The following week is World War Z, a zombie movie with Brad Pitt. Now normally I’m not into zombie stuff, but this movie looks like it might be worth spending some money to go see. Maybe it’ll be horrible, or maybe it might be worth while, but either way only time will tell.

July 12th is when monsters destroy the world. I’m talking about Pacific Rim. I don’t expect greatness from this movie, as it’s looks like another one of those cheap thrills action movie. Sometime those can be so lame they’re funny, or other times they’ll have you banging your head on the wall it was so bad.

August 9th is another day I’m amped for. Elysium arrives that day. For all those who might not know, Elysium is by the same guy who directed District 9 and if you’ve seen that then you should be just as excited as I am for this one. Epic robots, ships and crazy action scenes are featured in the trailer. If you like all of the above, this might be your movie.

Finally we finish with what could be one of the best movies of the year, Thor: The Dark World. Yes that’s right, the God of Thunder is back and ready for another fight. The recently released trailer shows off a lot of cool action scenes and yes Loki is back too. November 8th is when the Gods return, so mark that day on you calendars because you will not want to miss that.

So that’s where all my money will be going this summer. Are you looking forward to any of these movies too? Let me know in the comments below!



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