quote Quotes from Math Class: Part 12 (Final)

Even though I'm not at this point, why the hell not throw a few hats?
Even though I’m not at this point, why the hell not throw a few hats?

“You can’t rely on your calculators, you gotta know what you’re doing.”

-Math Teacher on trying to get us to use our heads.


Student: “Why did you square it?”

Math Teacher: “Oh, I thought someone was going to ask me why the answer is plus or minus.”

Same Student: “Why is the answer plus or minus?”


Math Teacher: “You know guys… you might be my last math class I teach… ever.”

Same Student from above: “What the heck?! You can’t retire, you’re still young!!”

Napster: “Well at least you won’t have to do the trimester.”


“I’m sorry guys, but I still have to be the Grinch right to the bitter end.”

-Math Teacher’s reply to a girl’s question about skipping the final test.


So yeah, it looks like my math teacher will be retiring after this Thursday’s class. He’s already 60 years old and he’s been alluding to it for a while now. I wish him the very best though, he’s been a great teacher and I’ll miss him a lot next year. Guess we all move on though.

Alright then, that brings this semester’s edition of Quotes from Math Class to an end. I hope you enjoyed it all, if you want to go back and re-read your favorites, please do so and don’t forget to Like them too. That’s it for this part of my blog, but don’t worry, it’ll return in September of this year as I’m re-taking the math course in hopes to pass it this time.

Thanks for enjoying this, and I’ll see you again for more Quotes from Math Class next time!



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