Pinball Wizard

So without Internet at home, I’ve had to find other means of keeping myself occupied. Since I’ve got an older desktop running Windows XP, I’ve been really getting into the 3D Space Cadet Pinball that comes with the OS. Now I’m not sure how many of you out there still use XP (I know I’d take 7 any day) but if you do, and you’ve played that game, what was/is your highest score?

Yeah I'm shredding that game to hell. Yep.
Yeah I’m shredding that game to hell. Yep.

And for the record,  my highest score (sadly I don’t have a pic so if you don’t believe me I’ll understand) is/was over 8 million.

So that said, any of you who still have and use XP a lot, I’m issuing you all a challenge: try and beat my high score. Get some pics of it too. Man I’m gonna probably get some real pros coming through here now… oh well.

And not seen in this picture, but is my current wallpaper, is Misaki Mei from the horror series Another (check that one out too, really good and scary)

Lastly, I’m on Twitter now, so be sure to Follow me there too for random spam and updates about stuff you may or may not care about.



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