Small update and a game of solitaire

Okay so as June rolls along, so do the growing problems that don’t seem to be getting addressed. First of all this is just a small update saying that no we haven’t been evicted yet, so maybe there is like a 5% chance we’ll make it through this one.

Secondly, I’m going away for the weekend, so that means I won’t be updating my blog with exciting posts about things. So the big problem with traveling for my family, is that we don’t have a car. We haven’t had one since… December of 2012 I’m pretty sure. So you can imagine how hard that is when you need to travel a lot to do things. I’m not going into detail about where I’ll be for the weekend or what I’ll be up to, but I’ll leave it at it will be a relaxing time.

Thirdly with the great Internet/cable/phone drought at home, I’ve taken up to playing Solitaire (the Windows XP and 7 versions) and I’ve come to like the game a lot. While I’m no pro at it, I’ve definitely gained some skill and I’ve finally won a few games. I prefer playing the Windows 7 version because not only does it keep track of your wins and losses, but it also tells you when there are no more possible move you can make.  Here are the stats from my past games:

I can't beat the score of 710, can you?
I can’t beat the score of 710, can you?

So do you think you can beat my score of 710? I’ve gotten close with the XP version, 705, but since the XP version doesn’t keep track of scores, it’s kinda annoying to really plot how you’ve been doing. You can see that my games played and games won are kinda wild; my win percentage isn’t exactly the best, and my current losing streak is pretty high. But all things considered, I’ve at least won a few games… yeah.

Oh yeah one more thing, I went to go see the movie Epic on Tuesday night with my sister; I really enjoyed the movie a lot. Dreamworks has stepped their game up a lot and they can actually make a decent movie. Too bad Pixar doesn’t seem to do that anymore… But yeah if you’ve got a free afternoon and want to go see a movie (granted you’ve already seen Star Trek: Into Darkness and Iron Man 3) I totally recommend you go see Epic; I’m sure you’ll love it.

Okay then, I’ve got things to do now as I won’t be back online until Monday (yes that means I’ll miss Oreimo on Saturday night *cries bitterly*), so I’ll be on my way now. Feel free to leave comments, read past posts, follow me on Twitter, and ask me any questions you’ve got.

I’ll see ya Monday~!




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