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Believe it or not, my blog started only a little while ago, January 16th 2013 to be exact. Since then I’ve really enjoyed blogging, speaking my mind here, and having so many people follow along. When I first started out, I really didn’t know where this would take me or what exactly I was going to blog about, but after a while I really got into this and here I am now.

So many of you probably didn’t read this post back in February, but if you did then you know why I’m posting this here and now. Like I said back then, there would come a time when I took a step back and looked at the progress that my blog has made, so now it’s that time too do just that.

Views: Since February 16th views have gone up a lot, some days bringing in tons of views, while others not so much. On a whole I’m very pleased with the amount of people dropping by here daily and I’m glad those numbers haven’t fallen. As expected, the United States of America are leading the way with the most views at 901, following them Netherlands with 154, then my home country Canada at only 100 views. The current grand total of views is1642.

For a general overview, take a look at the below pictures.

Pretty good if I say so myself
Pretty good if I say so myself
Yep, looks fine to me!
Yep, looks fine to me!

Comments: So excluding my 9 comments, the total stands at 27, which is okay I guess. I would prefer something a bit more, but I’ll leave that to you guys.

Likes: Another area in which has seen improvement, is in the Likes area. The post with the most Likes was the smash it Goals for the Week. People seemed to love that one to death. Thanks for pushing that Like button, makes me feel like all these posts are worth something. Following that many other posts have high Like counts which is nice to see as well. So keep mashing that button please!

Followers: So back in February when I write the first month stats post, I had well I can’t actually find a number, but I’ll say it probably was that many. By now I’ve got 64 people who Follow my blog, pretty awesome by my books.

New Editions: Lastly I’d like to point out new things I’ve done with my blog. On the home page I’ve added some things on the side: a button for people to Follow my blog via e-mail, under that my Twitter feed, beneath that the total views, following that my current posts, after that a archive for past posts, and finally a display of some of the people who follow my blog. Up top I’m sure you’ve loved the amazing banner pictures I’ve put up there, they really capture the mood and feel of the blog, and because I like posting pictures of cute anime girls. Who doesn’t like that? I do plan on changing the pictures around at some point, maybe putting in a few eye brow raising ones too. Don’t worry, they’ll be safe for work, trust me.

So bringing this to a close, I’m very impressed with how things have been coming along with my blog. All the numbers are up, people are still stopping by daily, and I’ve got the occasional comment here and there too. Oh yeah I wanted to mention, fans of the Cooking with SkyCorps and Into the City with SkyCorps post, don’t worry I’ll be coming back with new posts soon.

Alright then that’s really all I wanted to say, just a quick post about how the blog is doing and such. On the other hand, I’m doing about the same as always. I’m not going to get into detail about that anymore as I’ve realized that I should probably stop with weekly posts with me bitching about life. Kinda depressing imo. On the good side though, the Victoria IMAX has announced the start date for Iron Man 3 (yeah I still haven’t seen it yet) so I’m super pumped for that. I’ll try and bring a camera along on that trip, snap a few pictures of Victoria in the summer time; and if you find yourself in the city during the day I’m there, be sure to send me a Tweet, we can go get ice cream or walk around town. I’ll buy don’t worry.

So that wraps this post up. Be sure to stalk me on Twitter for tons of random spam and Tweets about stuff that interests me. If you’ve got any questions feel free to ask away, I’ll be happy to answer them, just make sure they’re not too personal.

Maybe more posts later on, but I’m not sure. Enjoy your week!



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