Thinking Aloud: Completely and Totally Random Things

This here is exactly why I made my blog, posts like this.

So the other day I was shaving and I cut my neck pretty bad. Blood was dripping into the sink and that kinda bothered me a bit. So as I patched up that cut, I started to think: “How easy would it be to cut one of the arteries in the neck? And how fast would you bleed to death?” Yeah I know kinda a morbid thought, but I got thinking that. By the time I finished shaving, I had done a very bad job, splotches of hair still on my neck, so I had to fix that up. Maybe it’s just my paranoia, but that would be a pretty bad way to go, bleeding out in the bathroom after cutting your neck. Ugh.

Following that another common fear I have is when eating alone at night or just when I’m home alone. What if I started to choke, then what? I’ve heard things from running into the corner of a chair to the corner of the counter, but really would that stop you from choking? During my nights (or early mornings depending how you look at it) when I’m up writing and having a snack, I’ll often wonder: “If I do start choking, would I be able to make it to my sister’s room so she could use the Heimlich maneuver?”

My sister’s room is right next to mine, all I’ve gotta do is open the door and make two lefts, knock on the door and walk in. But when choking, just how fast could I move to make it to my room door, open it and go over to hers? Yes another morbid thought but it’s always there sitting in the back of my mind, and I’m always trying to think of something that could work to save myself should it become necessary. Of course the obvious way is not to take big bites of food and/or laugh while eating. That I do know.

Finally something that’s just weird; the other day, Friday I think, I got a pretty bad bug bite on my left arm. It was super itchy and annoying as hell, so I scratched away and it, all while trying my hardest not to scratch away at it. So about 2 hours later I look back at my arm, and the bug bite is gone. Like not just gotten less itchy, but actually gone like it was never there. So that got me wondering: “Is that bad when something like that happens?”

Maybe I’m just too paranoid and think everything is out to kill me and such, but seriously some of those fears are legit and real. As for the bug bite, well maybe there something else going on here I have yet to find out about.



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