Greatness Is Coming…

Yes it truly is.

After weeks of planning and going over schedules, the time has finally come. I mentioned this briefly a while ago in another post, but now it’s fully happening. Yep, the grand trip to Victoria to see Iron Man 3 in IMAX. Before you point out the obvious like how this movie actually came out back in May (in North America at least), the reason I didn’t see it was because I knew it would be going to IMAX in Victoria, hence why see a movie on a normal theater screen when it’s going to be on a 6 story screen?

So Monday/Tuesday seems to be the days set aside for this journey. Why two days you ask? Well since we (I mean my family when I say ‘we’) haven’t had a car for the past 6+ months; clearly it’s a bit hard to travel distances when one doesn’t have a car. Luckily I still have grandparents that love me, and are willing enough to let my sister, brother and I stay the night after seeing the movie.

But that’s not all. The second, and maybe even bigger thing, about this trip is the long awaited purchase of the shoes. Yes the Batman Chuck Taylors. Finally after a long time saving up my money (many times I had to buy food with it) I’ve got enough now to buy them. So I can finally say I’ve accomplished one of the many tasks set out on the never ending list of things to do.

As is the custom of my usual Victoria trips, I’ll be documenting it via pictures. Since I don’t have  cell phone (never had one actually) I’m relying on my brother’s new phone to be the camera of choice. And if you’re yelling at the screen telling me to get a phone already because I’m 19 and should have more of a life than I do right now, don’t worry, I’ve got this all worked out.

Next, I’ve got a Victoria library card, it’s expired but I still got one, so I’ll see if I can get it renewed and get on the computers for a bit. I’ll probably just be having a few updates via Twitter, so look to that on those days for what I’ve been up to. And finally I’ll be posting a full debrief of my adventures to the capital probably next Wednesday or Thursday. It’s gonna be a big post filled with pictures and such, so look forward to that too.

I think I’ve got everything down that I wanted to mention. Oh, I’ll be heading back to Victoria later on probably in August to see Star Trek Into Darkness also in IMAX (same reason why I didn’t see Iron Man) so I’ll have yet another post about that when the time comes. Also on that trip I’ll be buying the third volume of Oreimo from Chapters, since I’ve factored out that I can’t get that and the shoes, so Kirino will have to wait until next time. Sorry…

Right then, as I’ve got limited time here at the library, I’ve got new anime to download and things to do. Keep it locked to where I’ll have the latest stuff, and enjoy your weekend.

Until we meet again…

…I have been and always shall be your friend.




  1. Haha, for a second there I thought you meant you were going to Victoria, Australia (where I live right now), hence I was like, “HUH, WHY, WHAT IS THIS MADNESS.”

    But yes, I have figured out where the Victoria you are talking about is, so all is good. Hope you have a good time! (:


    • Guess I should’ve made it a bit clearer, Victoria British Columbia Canada (capital of the province actually); although going to Australia would be nice. It’d probably wouldn’t be an over night trip though.


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