Into the City with SkyCorps: Falling Short of Greatness Part 1

Iron Man 3, tons of pizza, soft drinks, beautiful weather, jaw dropping cars, the city vibe, busing around, hot girls, shopping, comfortable bed, sleeping soundly, library cards, Tron: Legacy, Mythbusters, pictures, and lot of lesbians (yeah you read right). How did this trip to Victoria go?


Sunday July 7th. A day earlier then expected, but still good nonetheless. My mother’s cousin was to pick us up at 4:00PM so we could drive down and get tickets; he shows up at 4:45PM. Yeah already off to a bad start. After an hours drive we arrive in Victoria (B.C. Canada not another Victoria) and make our way down Douglas to the IMAX. Already I’m excited; finally in the city again, going to see an awesome movie, everything is going so well.

We get to the IMAX, only 25% of the tickets are sold, our hopes higher than ever now. Buying tickets we head out for a bite to eat, that being pizza.

Hmm, looks good eh? Well it tasted even better.
Hmm, looks good eh? Well it tasted even better.

Finishing our food, we head back to the theater, stopping to get this amazing panoramic shot looking out to Washington state south of us.

Look at that, amazing right?
Look at that, amazing right?

Arriving at the IMAX once more, we get in line, first spot as usual. A 25 minute wait till the doors open, nothing too long but more than enough time to get even more psyched up for the movie. Across from me stands a girl, probably a year or two older than me, she’s pretty cute (this by the way is the start of other encounters involving girls). So we stand there waiting, I’m talking with my brother and sister, just normal, idle conversation, my eyes darting towards this girl every few moments. Finally the time comes, the usher opens the doors and all the excited patrons ready to enter the 400 seat IMAX theater. Bring right there, first in line, I wanted to do the nice thing, so I let the girl go ahead of me, thinking I’ll have the chance to say something quickly; yeah that went nowhere. Brushing off that event the line files into the theater and after the usual introductory speech by the usher, the movie begins.

I’ll take the time here to say a few things about Iron Man 3 (if you haven’t seen it yet, then spoilers ahead). Overall I did like it, it was exciting, action packed, and had some awesome parts to it… but between the frames, I didn’t like it as much as I thought I was going to. Maybe the fact the Mandarin was just some druggie stage actor playing a role of a terrorist, but I was let down greatly at certain parts of the film. Another beef I had was: how did Tony find the time to built all those suits? I mean in The Avengers he was at Mark 6 or 7 I think, and by Iron Man 3 he’s up at Mark 42. And finally, his house, they fucking blew it up! Like why?! I loved his house! And his car! Audi R8! The 2013 model too! Goddamn I was mad at that.

Staying for the after credit scene (wait, you knew there was an after credit scene right?), we leave the theater, a bit down hearted. My sister is a huge Iron Man fan, and I could tell she wasn’t too thrilled with how this one went. But she still enjoyed it to a certain level. Now outside once more, I got a few more pictures.

So to continue a joke started by my math teacher, I was able to get some good measurements for the cruise missiles.
So to continue a joke started by my math teacher, I was able to get some good measurements for the cruise missiles.

And another panoramic one of the harbor, not as good as you’d think though.

A bit blurry in the middle, but it captures the awesome vibe of the harbor.
A bit blurry in the middle, but it captures the awesome vibe of the harbor.

And finally probably one of my favorites, The Empress.

Yes a real working hotel, The Empress is among the biggest landmarks in the city. I love how the light is in this shot, really looks epic imo.
Yes a real working hotel, The Empress is among the biggest landmarks in the city. I love how the light is in this shot, really looks epic imo.

So now walking around for a good 50 minutes, we waited for the bus. This is where it began. Noticed by my sister first, then I soon caught on, there were a ton of lesbians going around. Seemed like everywhere I looked, girls were walking around hand in hand, lying on the grass kissing, standing in bus stops kissing, and roaming around drunk. It was kinda strange really, I didn’t think Victoria was going down hill, especially on a Sunday night too. Nevertheless we navigated around the passionate girls and made for the bus stop.

Now on the bus the madness only got worse. Drunk young people (early 20’s crowd, casuals) got on the bus and immediately started laughing loudly, swearing continuously, talking about their sex lives, and so on and so forth. Yeah getting drunk actually isn’t all that cool, I think my ideas of going to a club/bar when I get the right ID are slowly fading. (I never planned on getting drunk in the first place, I’m just pointing out a fact) Seriously, people these days…

Arriving back in the suburbs where my grandparents live, it’s 11:30PM. Thinking they’re going to be asleep we move down the road towards their house. It’s dark, only the street lights and lights from homes illuminating the road; I started to get that feeling when you’re creeping in the darkness, moving silently and stealthily through the night. Anyways, we arrive at the front door, I’m on point and ready to give the door a good Sparta Kick; but then we hear voices, turns out they’re still awake. Inside we’re warmly greeted by them, hugs all around. They tell us they’ve got pizza and Orange Crush waiting for us. Nice, more pizza and fizzy pop.

Polishing off the pizza we wait for our bags to arrive, my mother and her cousin had gone to see a movie and our bags were still in his car. Moving downstairs, we start to watch Tron: Legacy. Now if you haven’t seen Tron: Legacy, I seriously hope you’ve got a half decent reason for not seeing it. Our bags finally arrive later on, the movie ending at 2:45AM. Finding my bed I got dressed and crashed down on the comfy mattress.

At home I sleep on the floor actually (this post has pics) and the last time I actually slept in a bed… a long time. So finally laying down after a long day… man that was a treat right there. I slept so well that night, I probably didn’t even move at all. But before I drifted off to sleep I lay there going over the events of the day. I reviewed the movie once more, recalled all the cars I saw, the few pretty girls, the pizza, and a new story idea I thought up too.




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