Into the City with SkyCorps: Falling Short of Greatness Part 2

Monday July 8th.

Up by 10:30AM, bagel for breakfast and out the door by 11:45AM. This was the day. Since February I had waited for this day. I was finally gonna get the shoes. But first things first. My sister still had to take a shower, so my brother and I left early and went to the library downtown, I needed to renew my card. So entering the library I got in line, my brother taking a seat at a nearby table, ready to bolt if things went south. Here’s where is gets intense.

My turn comes, I step up to the counter, ready to explain what I needed, but once I saw the girl behind the counter, I lost my nerve. Now I usually don’t have this happen to me and I’ll rarely go into this much detail about an experience like this, but I totally lost my cool when I saw this girl. She’s gotta be the hottest girl I’ve seen in a very long time. I carried on with the plan though, explaining that I needed my card renewed. Showing her a letter of residence (even though I don’t live in Victoria) she seemed pleased, but then asked for some I.D. Knowing it would come to this, I pulled out my student card. (Side note: since I don’t live in Victoria and the school I go to is up island, I knew showing my student card might raise a few red flags in the system) I pushed forward though, showing her the card.

Then as if this conversation wasn’t going as planned already, she asks me to wait while she take my card into the back to ask someone something. Turning to my brother sitting nearby, I nod, meaning he should get ready because things are going downhill fast. The librarian returns, handing me the card back and saying everything is fine. My heart soars! Changing from my old e-mail address, I update the info and have my card renewed and working once more. With one final smile, I thank the librarian and turn to leave.

Walking away the only thought going through my mind was: how badly did I embarrass myself. I caved terribly when talking to her, it was painful and I knew it. I haven’t had a time where I failed to stay calm when talking to a girl happen in a long time; this event once more further proves the fact I can’t talk to girls, especially really hot girls.


Checking a few things, Tweeting a bit and reading up some news, we left the computer lab an hour later, meeting up with my sister and continuing on with the day. Getting food at Tims, we head to Chapters and read some books, then it was off to China Town, getting some much loved Pocky and Asian candy before heading to the store where I’d finally get the shoes. With hopes high, I entered the store, seeing the shoes sitting right where I saw them 5 months ago. Asking to try them on, the girl asks me what size. I say the biggest because the 9.5 were a bit small last time. Flipping the tag over she reads out the biggest size they have in stock: 7.5.

No… no… no… no… no… NO!!!!!!

My worst fears were confirmed when I talked further to the girl. Converse only makes shoes once and never again (according to her at least). When I saw them in February they were already on their way out. My only chance to get the shoes was gone. The store couldn’t order anymore, and they didn’t have any hidden away in the back, it was over, just like that. Leaving the store soul crushed I stood there on the street almost in a daze. I was angry at myself mostly for letting this chance slip. But all hope wasn’t lost, she did have some words of encouragement for me: to try online, there still is a good chance I can find them somewhere.

Leaving for Inner Harbor once again, it was time for some more pictures.

Inner Harbor 1 Inner Harbor 2 Inner Harbor 3 Inner Harbor 4By now it was starting to get on in the day, our bus home would be leaving soon. Also by this time I realized that I had forgotten my toothbrush, comb, Old Spice, and toothpaste at my grandparents home. Yeah not good at all. A few frantic phone calls later there wasn’t any hope of getting them to me in time, once again I was out of luck.

Boarding the 4:45 bus home, we got seats in the back and prepared for the ride. All things considered, this trip wasn’t a good one. I enjoyed the movie, but it wasn’t totally awesome like I hoped, I didn’t get the shoes, I forgot my toothbrush and I lost my cool when talking to a hot librarian. True, things could’ve been worse, but still I wasn’t pleased with my performance this time around. Watching the cars out the window, the bus crawled slowly through rush hour, making its way back up island.

Arriving back home, the town I hate with a passion, my brother and I exited the bus, thanking the driver on the way out. Running to the store quickly I picked up a new thing of Old Spice. Now my plan going in was to get the new Wolf Edition Old Spice (you might remember this commercial) but upon smelling it, I was totally not expecting it. Yet another let down, I didn’t buy it because I couldn’t take the sent, totally not something I want to smell like. And considering that commercial too, I was hoping for greatness, instead I was like this.

Also in the store I saw a girl from my math and English class. Not the Cute Girl (if you remember back to then) but another girl whom I talked with a bit. She was probably the second best in the class (personal opinions aside though) I saw her standing there, looking at a display stand. But I didn’t stop and talk to her. I was in a rush to catch another bus and I had to be in and out in under 5; there wasn’t time for friendly banter. Leaving the store and sitting at the bus stop, I realized how stupid that probably was. There were time, the bus running a bit late, but I could’ve talked to her, at least said hi or something.

I know I’m not super outgoing most of the time, but believe it or not, I still have some kinda heart deep inside. I knew I should’ve said something to her, I’m sure she’d had liked to talk with me too, but I didn’t stop and take the extra few seconds to assess the situation. I made a rushed decision and I knew it would come back to bother me later. Thing is though, considering the size of this town, I’ll see her again at some point.

Arriving finally all the way home a good 15 minutes later, our journey was over. Like I said before it could’ve been worse, but all things considered I wasn’t thrilled with how it all went. On a happy note though, Star Trek: Into Darkness will be opening in IMAX July 19th, and I’ll be down again. While I won’t be getting the shoes, I can at least pick up the next volume of Oreimo.

Taking a step back and assessing the trip on a whole it was a mix of feelings. I enjoyed being in the city, seeing all the sights, getting that city vibe, but the downsides outweighed the good things that happened this time around. I’ll have this on my mind for a while, replaying things I didn’t do properly; but I’ll make up for it next time I go into the city.

Greatness might have been a bit too lofty for me to achieve this time, but I’m not stopping there. I’ll get those shoes, one way or another I will get them.

By the way, I’d like to extend my thanks to my brother for being the photographer this time around. All the pictures seen in these two posts were taken with his new phone, the HTC One superphone.


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