Tales of Sky: Bikes and Bikinis

So this is actually something that happened to me last Saturday, but I’m just now getting around to writing about it.

Mind blowingly awesome!
Mind blowingly awesome!

I’m on my way home from the library like always. Get to the top of the hill, down the street, past the schools, to the corner, cross the road, look to my right. Nearly stop and stare. There sitting at the lights waiting to go is a brand new BMW Enduro G 1200 GS Adventure (at least I’m pretty sure it was) motorcycle. Totally jaw dropping amazing. I’ve never seen such a nice Enduro up close before, but man that was one mind blowing bike.

As the light turns green and the bike pulls away, I’m still staring at it, watching as it drives off down the road. Looking back ahead movement across the road at the 7/11 gas station catches my eye, two girls in bikinis prancing about as they fill their car up with gas. Now normally I’d enjoy a sight like that, but not this time. My initial reaction was pretty much, “Oh…” followed by another “Oh…” and lastly “Meh, that bike was way better.”

Still very awesome.
Still very awesome.





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