Thinking Aloud: Let’s talk about writing

Yes, let’s.

So recently I’ve had many people (and I seriously mean many) say that I should publish my writing since I’ve got quite a bit. While that’s nice and all, I haven’t actually ever finished writing a story, everything is in progress at the moment. I do have plans to finish things soon, I know people want to read it, but life keeps getting in the way. Originally I wanted to have at least one story finished by January of this year (look how well that turned out) but as things move along I’m realizing that I’m slipping when it comes to writing.

True I’ve spent the past two nights up till 4AM writing, but that’s not really something I should be doing on a regular basis (contrary to popular belief I do sleep at some point). As it stands now, I’ve got 4 actual stories on the go, one other that’s kinda some idea that’s going nowhere as of yet. I try my hardest to work on them everyday, at least putting an hour in on one of the stories, but without Internet at home it can be tough. Sure I don’t need it to write, as every thing’s on Word, but if I need to quickly look up something, find a location, measure a distance or take a look at a map, I have to take note of it and do my research at the library. It’s cumbersome to say the least, and can really throw me if I’m going on a writing rampage.

Right, as I mentioned, I’ve got 4 stories on the go currently. Each totals well over 300 pages and 3 of them still have quite a bit left to write too. My longest story is near 500 pages, but as I’ve gone back and re-read the starting bit, I’m noticing that I don’t need nearly 70 pages to describe the trip to the beach the characters go on. In my sci-fi/action story Project Time, I’ve also had to rewrite many parts, notably removing a sex scene I had placed in there randomly. Now before you pass out for shock, seeing how a 19 year old boy shouldn’t be writing sex scenes in a book, let me explain the reasons behind why I wrote it.

The original plan going into that scene was for there to be a high level of sexuality, but never anything more. In context, said female character was sent on a mission to retrieve some intel from an apartment, but once she arrived things took a turn for the worst. Changing her plan she decides to get the info another way, seducing said guy at the apartment, and once again things go downhill. Looking back on when I wrote that scene, probably many months ago, it seemed fitting at the time; but now considering other factors that I’ve yet added to the story and this character’s personality, having that sex scene really puts a bad outlook on her and detracts from what I had envisioned from her in the starting.

While having that scene stay in the story would’ve still made everything wrap up the same way (no major plot changes) I just didn’t feel right leaving it in. I pondered the pros and cons of the character’s decision and really analyzed the scene carefully, asking if she would really act way in a situation like that. Coming to the conclusion that is was too out of character and having no real benefit, I rewrote the scene, having her enter the apartment without anyone else there. Now reading the scene, it flows a lot better and actually gives a bit of insight into her character that I previously hadn’t written.

Another thing dealing with the same story, is what I’ve actually started writing the sequel already. How, you might be asking? Well considering that I know exactly how the first book already ends, I’ve started work on the second half to it; not getting super serious with the plot just yet, but some fall out to how the first book ends. Overall it’s going to be less time travel heavy, more action based and set in the present.

This brings me to something else I’d like to talk about: serializing my stories. It’s been said to me that instead of compiling everything into one big, massive story, to break it up into smaller bite sized parts (pardon the food analogy). Now as good as an idea as it is, I’m not really too thrilled to break up the story like that. I mean I wrote it to be one story, to keep the reader hooked and to continue onto the next chapter. While breaking it up into these bite sized parts does pretty much the same thing, it just doesn’t sit well with me. Maybe I’m too stubborn around letting my stories go like that, but I don’t know… Either way I do want to finish something soon and put it out in the general public, my path to becoming The World’s Best Writer will finally start.

Looking at things as of now, if I commit to writing more each day, putting off any distractions and such, I could get something finished. But with the lack of Internet at home, that does slow progress. Library time is mainly for downloading anime (as longs as it takes) but I can also get writing done while I wait. I’m not saying this isn’t good, but I just prefer staying at home to write; that way I don’t have to lug the laptop 25 minutes to the library (sounds easy but it’s downhill one way, up hill the other; and it’s worse in the blazing sun too). I’m not gonna go into details about home life, as it’s pointless to talk about, but there are exterior factors that contribute to not having time to write.

So before I start to restate myself again and again, I should probably bring this to a close. In summery: I need to write more and get something published. It’s a goal I’ve had for a while, and if you know me (well you do a bit) than there are certain things I don’t let slide without a fight (getting those shoes a prime example).

Guess that’s it for this post; if you want to discuss things with me, leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you as fast as I can. For any further discussions, you can find me here.

Until my next post!



  1. About the bite-size pieces… might not be a bad idea in the interests of getting stuff out sooner. I mean, if you get to my age, and still haven’t got anything out there, bite-size pieces start to look fairly good, if only to get *something* out there! Lol. So, yes, I have begun to resort to bite-size pieces. Oh, the terror!!!!


    • The main problem with turning my stories into bite sized pieces, is that I’m not sure where I’d break the story up. I’ve got a bad tendency of pacing my stories very strangely (like terribly, really bad), so if I break it up, parts might be one long filler bit with nothing actually happening (absolutely nothing besides pointless dialog), while another section might have so much action it’ll overwhelm the reader.


      • So you can’t even imagine that your story is a nail-biting thriller, and suddenly it goes to commercial? Or maybe it’s a TV series, and suddenly the weekly episode ends and everyone’s throwing food at the TV saying, “NNNNOOOOOO!!!!” ?? :p


      • I can see it like that and it would be nice to leave the reader hanging every time like that, but really the pacing just isn’t right. I took a look at breaking it up into 50 or 60 pages per, and in that amount literally nothing happened. Maybe during my rewrite I can fix some problems with that, but I’ll still keep that option in consideration. My main goal as of now is to just finish writing something, I can leave the dividing process for now.


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