Thinking Aloud: Let’s talk about writing again

Hot on the heels of my last post, I’ve got a bit more to say regarding writing. After all I indented this blog to be mainly for writing, with personal stuff coming in second. But anyways, let’s get back to the discussion.

Last time I said lots of people were talking about my writing and how I should get it published; yes I’m still going to do that at some point (as soon as I finish something) but now I’ve been attracting even more attention regarding this. Since I’ve got no Internet at home and such, I’ve been at the library pretty much every day for the past 2 months; during that time however, I’ve caught the attention of a few librarians wondering why I’m always there. Now as mildly strange as it is, none of these librarians have actually come up to me and asked about my writing or anything, for some reason or another they always use my sister or mother as a medium to relay their interest. Anyways whatever the reason, this hasn’t just been a one time thing, my sister says she’s been asked a few times about what I’m writing.

Now I’m sure you’re probably thinking “Why don’t you go talk to them instead of blogging about it?” and yeah that would be fine, but really though I’m not too bothered about it. I’ve got a general idea of which librarian has been making these comments, but the thought of just walking up to her and launching into conversation about how I’ve gotten wind of her talking about my writing with my sister and mother seems a bit strange. Either that or I just lack something that would enable me to talk freely to girls. But I’ll leave that for another time.

Anyways, moving on from that; I also mentioned last time that I was working on a new concept idea I got while on my last trip to Victoria. As of now it’s about 25 pages long and isn’t really anything besides a few cobbled together ideas. But what’s different about this idea is the setting for it. Usually for some reason I never, like never, write a story set in an area I’ve been to, I just don’t do that. All my stories I’ve written (canceled or ongoing) were written in places I’ve never been to: Toronto, New York, Scottsdale and Boston. So what’s different about this new idea is that I’ve placed it in Victoria British Columbia, Canada (I’m now going to refer to Victoria as in Canada or BC because some often think I mean Victoria Australia or another place with that name).

So, why is this a big deal? Who knows. On the plus side, I can really get into detail with where the characters can go, what they’d see, what the weather would be like and other details like that. As for the actual story itself, plot wise, I’m not sure where I want to take it. Like I said above, it’s a very cobbled together idea that I’ve had for a while. It incorporates ideas from past canceled stories and also works in a few new elements too. From the get go I open the story with the main character in a psychiatrists office, talking about nightmares he’s been having for the past week. It’s a 4 page scene and I’ve written it all with just dialog (yes I like doing that at times having all dialog, for some reason or another it makes an opening scene better).

The main idea for this concept idea is to place the reader is placed into the shoes of the main character who experienced some kind of event 5 years ago that left a lasting affect on him. I haven’t gotten into detail about what exactly this ‘event’ is that he’s experienced, but it’s something other worldly as of now (so maybe sci-fi or fantasy, I’ll leave it at that). He’s suddenly started having these nightmares that disturb him greatly and make him wonder if something like what he went through 5 years ago will happen again. From there it cuts to him at his job, working away at a book store, when he’s approached by a nice girl who needs some help finding a certain book. From there onwards he runs into this girl a few more times within the next few days and that’s kinda where the ideas stop flowing.

I want to do something good with this idea, but I’m not sure where I want to take it. It’s got potential (well in my mind at least) to be something amazing (if I pursue it more) but it’s still too much of pieced together ideas to really be anything. I’ll keep working on it though, thinking away on where things could go, but I just wanted to put this out there and talk a bit about what I’ve been up to recently.

So I’ll bring this to a close for now; if you want to discuss this further with me, leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you asap, or you can find me here.




  1. Reblogged this on craftedgirlwonderstruck and commented:
    This lighted up my day when it was raining for a bit 🙂
    About the libery-thing:
    I myself would actually just go up to these people and flip my hair dramatically aside, and say something like: hey whats up you wanna talk to me or something you got a problem? This is a public libery i can hang out here whenever i want!’ But since you don’t seem like that kind of person, and you prpbably dont have that much hair to flip dramatically over your shoulder, i suggest you tell ypur sis exact the same as you would tell the liberian, until she comes up to you herself. Could be a fun conversation. Who knows, maybe that girl isn’treally a talker too.
    Greets from rainy Germany 🙂


    • Nice to hear from you, Crafted; it’s been a while.

      Actually I should’ve mentioned that I recently talked with that librarian, so I’ve squared away that issue (if there even was one to begin with) She’s interested in my writing and is wondering when I’ll be publishing my work. I’m wondering the same thing too.

      As for any hair flipping, I could never flip my hair even if I wanted to.

      And as for general talking to people of the opposite sex, I’m still a work in progress, but as that conversation with the librarian went, I can safely say it’s a step in the right way (I hope…)



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