The SkyCorps Blog 2.0?

EDIT 2: So pretty much disregard what you read here. This blog that I started is offline and it will not be coming back, ever.

EDIT: So as of now I have gone ahead with this new plan, I’ve started a new blog and it’s in the process of being set up. Take a look at what I’ve got so far.

Original Post:

I spent last night rolling around in bed with this idea. When I actually got to sleep, that’s for another time.

Looking at my blog on a whole, I’ve noticed that I haven’t really stuck with my goal I had when I started out (don’t worry I never posted that goal so don’t go looking for it). At the core of this blog, it should be about my writing mainly then personal stuff second, that’s why I made this blog and that’s what I intended for it to be. So while I’ve had posts about my writing, shown off a bit of it, and talked about some ideas and things I’ve had, most of the stuff on my blog is just personal stuff, my online journal so to speak.

With that said, I think it’s about time for a change. No I’m not stopping my blog or anything like that, but I’m thinking about something new, taking this to the next level. I’ve got a Google account (as many do I’m sure) and with that comes Blogger, so my new idea is to start a new blog that’s centered on my writing and a blog I can direct interested people to, rather than have them crashing into my personal blog about how I can’t talk to girls and such. (I never mention my blog to any close people I know, just in case…)

Now I haven’t made this new blog as of yet, as it’s still in early concept stages, but I’ve got a strong feeling it’s going to happen. Also I’d like to take this time to say I’m not abandoning WordPress in anyway shape or form. I love WordPress and the way they run stuff (at least in my opinion) and it’s all really cool and such. I just want to see what Blogger is like and expand my skill set of using other online blogging sites. That’s the main reason for my choice of this. No hard feeling WordPress, I love you guys, don’t worry.

Continuing on now, with this new blog I’ve got some new ideas of things I might want to try out. First up I know there are other writers out there, many like me who might have writing as their hobby but don’t know where to go with it; so I’m thinking of maybe trying out some kind of collaboration story with a few others (who I have yet to ask/recruit) who might be interested in doing something like this. It’s still in very early stages of concept and I’m not sure how that’s gonna pan out in the future, but if you’ve got some ideas/questions about this, leave me a comment as we’ll talk.

So other than some collab thing, I’d also have more stuff on my actual stories that I’m writing; I’d have posts featuring parts of a story (maybe a scene or two) and other behind the scenes things that you normally wouldn’t see. I want to give the illusion that I’m actually a writer more than you see from my current blog, so this is where I’d post writing oriented things.

I’ve also got a few more ideas, none that I’m willing to share at the moment (no hard feelings, but I want to keep some stuff secret for now) and I might even get a Facebook account for this new blog too, to better connect with people and such. I’ve still got a lot to work out with this idea though, details galore, and the fact I’ll need to be online a lot to work hard with this. Passing the 100th day without Internet at home (Tuesday August 6th) I’m still waiting for it to return. I’ll need to have Internet for school, I can’t fail this math course the for second time, so I’m not sure how I’m gonna work out all those details as of now; I’ll deal with that bridge when I get to it.

So yeah, that’s what kept me up till some ungodly hour last night. I’m sure you’re brimming with ideas and suggestions for me and what to do this new blog thing, so feel free to leave all those comments below and I’ll sort them out when I’ve got time. Theres are exciting times here at The SkyCorps Blog, big things are happening and you’ve got a chance to be a part of the action.

I’ll leave it here for now, I’ve got things to do and I’ll be busy, but drop me a line if you might be interested in a collab idea and we can talk details.

Thanks for staying with me guys!


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