An update on things that have happened recently

So, within the past 24 hours, things have happened. I’ll cut to the chase and skip the lead up.

I’ve got Internet back at home. Yay! Right? Wrong. While this is a step in the right direction, there is a mega catch with this (pretty much like most things that are too good to be true). What my Dad got isn’t the same normal Internet you’d think, no, no, no; it’s pretty much a monthly data plan via the “Turbo Hub” with Bell (a Internet provider here in Canada). And to make an already bad situation worse, this monthly data plan is only 100MB. Yes you read right, I just said 100MB. I’ll repeat it if you want me to, 100 FUCKING MEGABYTES!! So yeah, am I pissed, damn straight I am. Seriously, what the hell can I even do with 100MB for an entire month? If you’re looking in the nothing category, then you’re totally right.


Anyways, that’s life at home in a nutshell. With words of hope though, Dad also said he’d be getting the normal Internet back once he gets more money (yeah that’s another story right there). Pretty much the only thing that this data plan thing is good for, is checking e-mail and that’s about it. No downloading anime, Skype calling people in Europe, or anything else that uses a lot of data. That said, I’m still going to the library everyday to download anime and do everything else that I normally do.

I’m actually looking forward to heading back to school come next month; they’ve got wicked fast wi-fi there and I can pretty much hunker down and download shit until I’m caught (which hasn’t happened if you’re wondering). But that’s gonna be secondary when I start school; like I’m sure I’ve mentioned, I need to pass this math course. I’ve failed it once and I can’t afford (literally) to go a third round with it. I’ve gotta pass it, end of story. No, I’m not going to be putting things such as anime, writing and my general computer time on hold (I’d die if that happened) but I’ll be leaning more on school rather then fun. Oh and I’ll have the return of Quotes from Math Class as well. I’m sure you’re all eager to see that return after a long time, I know I am, so that’s gonna be something to look forward too.

Okay, bad news outta the way, it’s time to go Into Darkness! Yes that’s right, I’m finally going to see Star Trek: Into Darkness this Sunday night in Victoria, British Columbia Canada (see what I did there? Now you know which city I’m talking about); I’m super hyped to see this movie, as I’ve been waiting for ages. I just hope it’s not a lackluster experience like Iron Man 3 (they blew up his fucking house!) So if you’re gonna be in the area this Sunday night (I’d be worried if you all said yes) then come on down to the IMAX and be amazed.

Right, so that’s pretty much all I wanted to say. Oh, you’ve probably noticed that none of my recent blog posts have had pictures with them, I’m very sorry for that, but I couldn’t really find any pictures that matched with the content. I know I said all my posts would have picture and I promise I’ll get back to that in the near future. This one has a trailer, so be happy.

And lastly, I’ve been having a Batman quote everyday until my shoes arrive on my Twitter and Google+ page; if you’re following them then you’ll be treated to a quote from the Caped Crusader of another one of his close associates. I’ve really enjoyed doing that as a nice count down until my Converse arrive. I’ll also be having a full post with my shoes once they arrive too, maybe a picture with me actually in it too.

Okay, last thing for real now. Like I said in the previous post, I’ve started a new blog for my writing, it’s called The World’s Best Writer and it’s Blogger, not WordPress. If you wanna bookmark the link, be sure too. I’ll be having a post on it maybe later today or tomorrow, and it’s gonna be about my writing (obviously). I also proposed a few exciting new ideas in that post too, if they spark your interest then be sure to let me know as you could become part of something amazing.

So yeah, that’s it for me. I’m off to work on my new blog, download anime, and spam Twitter. You know how to reach me if you need to. Enjoy your weekend everybody, have a great time and be safe too.



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