Into the City with SkyCorps: An Epic Trek

As you may know, last Sunday (August 11th 2013) I finally saw the highly anticipated sequel Star Trek Into Darkness in IMAX. I’d been waiting pretty much ever since I saw the first one way back in 2009 (remember that year?) which was also in IMAX too. So this was a quick afternoon trip in a borrowed car, sadly I didn’t get any pictures of anything so I’ll just have to fill this post with text. Here goes…

Leaving mid/late afternoon, we made the drive south the capital of the province where the biggest screen on the Island (and province too) is located. Like always, I love going to Victoria, (B.C. Canada) because it’s such a breath of fresh air form my town I live in. Yeah sure Victoria’s been slowly going downhill over the past while, hobos galore, grunge everywhere and the likes of that, there are still nice areas of the city.

I mainly like looking for nice cars while there, since I know I can always count on seeing something spectacular. And as I suspected, I did see some jaw dropping cars, even more so when we drove past Three Point Motors (aka the Mercedes Benz dealership in the city). My eyes were glued to the car window as we drove by; they had all the new models out front, the new E Class, SLK Class, CLS Class, B Class, C Class and I’m pretty sure I even saw a new SL Class too. Man I love Mercedes Benz so much, totally my favorite.

Arriving at the Royal British Columbia Museum, we got our tickets and returned to the car. Next stop was food. Suggested by my brother, we headed to Canada’s favorite, Tim Hortons to eat our food. Parking at the View Street Parkade we made our way down to Tims, passing the usual homeless people asking for money, rowdy teens, and general people milling about. We get to Tims and stand in line; I didn’t realize it at first, but there were only two girls working at Tims that day. So two girls, one making the food and one taking the orders, with a long line up of people, yeah not cool. We spent a good 5-7 minutes standing in line before actually ordering our food. From there I spent nearly 10 minutes waiting for the food to actually be made.

The girl making the sandwiches ran out of some materials, so she had to run to the back to get some more, further backing up the already long line of people waiting for their food. In the end I finally got the two sandwiches (one was for my brother, don’t worry I didn’t eat the both if you’re wondering) and got seated. My sister actually ordered the new Extreme Italian sandwich, it looked really good and I’m totally getting that next time I’m there.

Sitting looking out the window (facing Blanchard if you’re keeping track here) I watch the cars roll by, mostly standard cars you see everyday. (Side note: pretty much every C Class Mercedes Benz I see is the C250 or lower as no one can ever afford to buy the better model. I’ve only seen one C63 AMG, that one being from our neighbors to the east Alberta; seriously all the the really nice cars seem to come from Alberta, them and their oil…) So as I’m eating away, I notice a matte black Audi S5 slowly roll to a stop at the lights. Normally I’m not down for matte colored cars, but this was done very well, it’d looked so badass. I later also saw a new Audi RS5 Coupe in blue, wow that was a sight to remember…

Leaving Tims we head back to pick up the car and head to the IMAX to wait in line. From there we wait a good 40 minutes, the line getting long and the atmosphere pretty energetic as everyone was looking forward to the movie we were heading into see. So the time comes, the usher takes out tickets and we enter the theater. Every time I walk into the theater, I’m still so surprised at how big the screen is. Yeah I’ve been to the IMAX tons of time on field trips and to see other movies, but still when you walk in the doors and see the screen, wow it’s something amazing. Totally check it out if you’re in town for the day, I promise you’ll love it.

So getting out seats the movie is a bit late off the start, things running behind schedule, but it finally gets rolling. Wow, Star Trek Into Darkness, man… coming out from that, I can safely say that was the best movie I’ve seen all summer. Iron Man 3 was too lackluster, Man of Steel had it’s good moments, but I would’ve liked an original story or a take on Superman Earth One, Pacific Rim was a joke in all regards, G.I. Joe: Retaliation was dumb fun, and I never got around to seeing World War Z or Elysium yet so I can’t speak for them. The only other two movies that were really and I mean really good, were Epic and Oblivion.

Probably what made Star Trek so awesome was that Benedict Cumberbatch was in it (for all those unfamiliar with the name, just watch Sherlock and you’ll understand). I really loved him in this movie, he was totally awesome and really put the Kirk and gang on a run for their money. The action sequences were amazing on the 6 story screen, pretty much any scene in space looked glorious, and I liked the overall story of the movie too. I’m super excited for Star Trek 3 which will probably be out sometime within the next 2 years or so.

Now late and well into the night, we make our way home, still amped from the movie. Sadly my plan to wear my Batman shoes didn’t work out, as they have yet to arrive; I really looking forward to showboating them around town, but I plan on doing that come the first day of school anyways. I’ll totally have the best shoes in the entire school. But that’s still a few weeks out.

Wrapping this up, if you still haven’t seen Star Trek Into Darkness, I totally recommend you go check this one out. It’s such an awesome movie and if possible see it in IMAX. I wanted to see this one in 3D too, as any movie with space really looks good in 3D, but I never got around to seeing it. But when you see a movie on a 6 story screen, it’s probably better than 3D anyways.

So yeah that’s that; a quick look at how my trip went. Time to continue writing more blog posts now, so I’ll cya later!



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