Tales of Sky: Lightbulbs Round 2

Sometimes the old ways are the best *places 100w lightbulb down on the table*
Sometimes the old ways are the best *places 100w lightbulb down on the table*

So if you recall a few months ago, I raged hardcore about my halogen lightbulb and how it would burn out very quickly. Anyways, since then I had the final straw and switched back to a conventional 100w lightbulb; probably the best choice I’ve made in a while too.

Not only did the lamp I switched to come straight out of a box from our last house move (still working I might add) it stayed strong for a good 4 months after, before finally peacefully passing the other day. I just turned it on and it never lit up… I knew it was gone…


But since then I’ve replaced it and now all those tears are gone. So really this is just a small random post about something I wanted to follow up on if you cared (don’t be afraid to say you don’t) and because I said I’d post something today too. I’ll be posting again in a few hours too (maybe less) about my Sunday afternoon trip to the capital to see Star Trek Into Darkness, so look forward to that post; I’ll also be posting an exciting update on my writing blog about one of my stories being very close to the end (well for the first book at least) so if you’re following my new blog, you’ll be eager to read that. If not, here’s the link once more.

Right then, I’m off to type up some more posts and listen to Vocaloid music.


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