Such a fun few days

Ah yes, when things go nicely it’s all cool, but when things go bad, then all hell breaks loose.

That’s exactly what happened.

So Tuesday was the prelude to disaster really, it started out with getting the wrong sized shoes I’d been waiting nearly a month for. Yeah the look on my face when I see a size 8.5 instead of 10, pure anger, let down, rage and swearing followed shortly after. Seriously, I’ve paid my money to get the right sized shoes and then they go fucking up the order and giving me the wrong size. Goddamn… people these days, can’t get even the simplest things right.

But that was just the beginning.

Wednesday rolls around, a day I’d been looking forward to for quite some time. Originally the shoes were supposed to come on that day, but a day earlier was totally worth it. But back to the story; so it’s a bit before 9AM, I’m still in bed sleeping when the doorbell rings. I make no move to get up and answer it. It rings again, still do nothing. Then the knocking starts, the loud authoritative knock of a court officer there to say you’re moving today. Yes that’s right, I (we) got evicted yesterday. Big surprise, not really. I mean I kinda knew we probably wouldn’t last a year in that house, but damn we came close.

So yeah that’s how yesterday was spent, moving out and looking for somewhere new to live. Thankfully an old friend of my mother’s (an elderly lady) let us crash in her place for the time being. She was also able to get another suite in the same apartment building for my parents to sleep in. So how it stands now, I’m in this small apartment with my brother, sister, the lady who lives there and her pet bird. I should also mention that if you ever get the chance, try out sleeping on a hardwood floor. You’ll never forget that experience; totally worth it.

Things got better as my brother and I were invited out for a guys night throw down, pizza and all. Normally my anti-social self would have said no, but as I was now fucked and homeless I saw the chance to score some free food while spending the evening at someone’s nice house. Overall I enjoyed myself a lot, the pizza was great and it got my mind off the events that went down hours earlier. Going “home” that night, I was reminded just how sudden things can change. Yeah it’s not like it caught me totally off guard, but still waking up and suddenly you’re moving is quite a shock, especially before 9:30AM.

Oh and a friendly couple we know lent us their Jeep to use, as they’ve got a few cars, the Jeep being one they’re not using. I was also reminded again why having friends can be nice; when you’re having tough times, someone to go to can be refreshing and comforting. I know I say I’m not a social person, and I’m not, but when times get tough and things look bad, it’s nice to know at least one person out there that can help you out.

So sleeping that night was rough; I’m not sure how many hours I actually slept, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t enough. I also had a super weird dream that actually bothered me quite a lot. No it wasn’t related to being evicted, but just something totally random. I’m a bit embarrassed to retell it, as it was kinda… well it’s not something I dream about at all really, but I’ll leave it at it involved a girl and something strange happened (God that sounds so bad I know, but have an open and clean mind and don’t think of something terrible, I’ll feel worse for putting this in a post) Normally I’m not bothered by much (okay that’s a bit too general) but my dreams are never too weird that they bother me. This was an exception on a few levels; I woke up soon after and as I’m writing this post, hours later, I’m still thinking through what exactly happened. I’m sure it was just the stress of such a hectic day, but really… I’m not sure what to think of it. I’ve had dreams similar to that but never that… different. And the fact that it felt so real and like I actually knew everyone in the dream just added to the overall weirdness of it. But I’ll leave it at that.

Right then, wrapping this is I’ve got some news about upcoming things in my life. First of all, my Dad’s already found a new place to live, but I’m not too thrilled about it. It’s a bit junky and not in the best part of town, but you pay for what you get. Another thing is that I might be going to Vancouver tomorrow. Yeah like going off this fucking Island and to the mainland. You know that last time that happened… yeah I can’t remember, that’s how long it’s been. And what’s more, my Dad is actually thinking about us moving to the mainland, Surrey it seems. Wow do you know what that would mean if it all came together? Actually moving off the Island and living in a totally new area! It’s hard to imagine leaving this place, but I’ve hated it for as long as I can remember. The people, the town, the weather, the being poor and other things. It’s not a nice place to live and it’s not somewhere to visit. Victoria is nice, I like it there, but the mainland… totally on a new level.

Yes I know it’s also more expensive there, as Vancouver is a very expensive area to live in, but just the fact of moving off the Island would be something totally new. Yeah I’d leave behind people I’ve known for a while, but I was never super social to begin with. I’d also have to somehow finish school (wow that’s a mess in itself, dating back for some years), but I’m sure it could all work out. So yeah it’s still just an idea floating around right now, I’d be pretty happy if it went through, but just the fact I’ll probably be going to Vancouver tomorrow on a day trip, wow that’s awesome! They’ve got so many nice cars there, I’d die trying to look at them all. And the people there are on a different level entirely. It’s gonna be fun if I can go, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Maybe I can bring the laptop and Tweet on the ferry ride over there, get some pictures via my brother’s phone, but I’ll see when that comes.

Right then, I should wrap this up now, it’s getting a bit lengthy. So yes I’m all fine and well, still alive and breathing. I’m living at a temporary home right now as we look for another place to live, and everybody (except my Mom) is doing pretty much alright. I’ll keep things updated via Twitter (see another reason to follow me) so please don’t worry about me too much and I’ll make it through this.

Enjoy the rest of your day everyone and I’ll talk later.



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