Into the City with SkyCorps: Off the Island

Saturday was probably among the highlights of my summer. Getting off this sad little island in the Pacific and going to mainland for most of the day. An actual legit big city, Vancouver was a totally change of scenery for me and it came at a much needed time too. So, how did it all go down? Here what happened:

Waking up at 7AM, my brother and I started to prepare ourselves for the massive day trip that lay ahead of us. After breakfast and getting dressed, I realized just how awesome it would’ve been if I had my Batman Chucks (yeah I’m still pissed off about that). I mean showboating them at a party would’ve been rad, but showboating them in the biggest Canadian city on the west coast, totally so much better.

Leaving our temporary living area, our goal was to catch the 10:40AM sailing on the Coastal Renaissance, but that didn’t work as it was already full. For those of you tracking this via maps and such, we left out of Departure Bay in Nanaimo and arrived at Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver. Okay so the 10:40 was full, that meant a long wait for the 12:15 sailing on the Queen of Cowichan. After paying for the ferry ride (to the sum of 80+ dollars) my Dad, brother and I waited around for the next boat. Thankfully there is a terminal you can hang out in, stupidly expensive food though, but my bro and I opted for the beach walk. That was kinda lack luster as it was just a bunch of rocks and too much watch to walk around.

So getting back to the car we waited the final bit for the boat ride. Driving onto the boat, we made our way out to the deck to watch the boat pull away from the the dock. Side note: when out on the deck, the captain will make an announcement before sounding the whistle; when the whistle sounds, goddamn it’s loud as hell. Seriously if you don’t cover your ears, you’ll be deaf instantly, it’s that loud. I could feel my lunges vibrating for those few moments it sounded. Anyways, the boat pulled away from the dock and began it’s 1 hour 50 minute sailing across to the mainland. Standing out on the bow, my brother and I were blasted by the extreme winds; you’d think it wouldn’t be that windy, but man was it ever.

After being blast chilled, we headed back in to get some food at the White Spot on-board. Like expected the food is pricey, but it tasted pretty good. From there it was just a waiting game until the ferry arrived in Horseshoe Bay. Okay, a world first here in this next picture; I’ve decided to take off the cowl for a few shots, take a look:

The closest you'll ever come to seeing me.
The closest you’ll ever come to seeing me.

Arriving in Vancouver, the car show started. As we exited the ferry, I caught sight of a black Maserati exiting from the upper decks. As we drove down the road through the slow traffic, our goal was to catch up to that Maserati. But being a high performance sports car, the odds seemed kinda slim being that we were in a Jeep. Crossing Lions Gate Bridge, things got even better. Stuck in traffic I watched the oncoming cars, hoping to see something good, and that’s just what happened. For the first time in my life I saw an Aston Martin Rapide S, Ferrari California, and Tesla Model S. Like holy shit. The Rapide sells for like $280,000 and the Tesla Model S (a fully electric luxury car) looked Earth shatteringly amazing. So after inching our way across the bridge, we go through Stanley Park before finally arriving at the city. Now I know I said I was gonna take pictures, but seriously I was too mind blown to really function for the next while. Super sorry, I felt bad for not getting pictures too, but really I’m relaying on my bro’s phone for the pictures. I really need to get some money and do something worth while with it this time.

So being in Vancouver, driving for the streets, seeing the people, and taking in the atmosphere, totally a feeling I haven’t felt in such a long time. Just the scale compared to the Island was so different. The first thing I noticed when in the city (besides the cars) had to be the people. Compared to what I usually see, the folks there looked so much different, like how I imagined city people to look like. After experiencing something like that, I now totally want to go back and actually walk around town for a bit, really take in the sights.

We also stopped in at a Japanese food place where I snapped these pictures.

Leaving the food place, we began the long trip to Surrey where my Dad had a meeting with a client. So driving there we passed the airport (sorry I didn’t get a picture of that either) along with the Richmond Olympic Oval where the speed skating in the 2010 Winter Olympics took place. Wow it was so amazing seeing that, I felt honored that Canada had the chance to hold those games and have the world be there for those few weeks. Along with that we also saw the Olympic Village too, really big and empty actually, but still really nice. I also finally saw what I’d been waiting for: my beloved Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Coupe. Although it was silver (I hate silver cars) I still was blown away by it; if you ever see one in real life, it’s quite the feeling. Pic below not related to the SLS AMG.

Through the tunnel!
Through the tunnel!

Anyways, after getting lost in Surrey for an hour, we finally get to the meeting which lasted only 5 minutes, then made our way back to the ferry. By now it’s late in the day, and we gotta catch the 8:15PM boat from Tsawwassen to Duke Point back on the Island. Here are the final shots we got.

So all in all this was a really fun trip. I can’t really put it into worlds my exact feelings and emotions I felt while there, but it was really something special. I enjoyed myself so much and I can’t wait to go back again. So before I close this post, I’ll leave you with one of the most epic pictures you’ll ever see.

With the retreating city in the distance, I give my final salute.
With the retreating city in the distance, I give my final salute.


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