Just so bad

A quick post here as I need to vent some anger.

As if things couldn’t get worse, they somehow do. Just a quick rundown on how bad it is:

We got evicted again in just over a week of last time
My parents are on the brink of going separate ways
We’re staying at another person’s house
Tensions are very high
My brother is thinking about moving into a group home place (pretty much where kids without a home go)
School starts for me in just over a week (the 9th)
And I’m about to lose my fucking mind if all this shit doesn’t stop

I’m just so angry with my Dad right now, he’s pretty much the cause of this and I don’t want to move into another temporary place to only be kicked out in a few months. Seriously if my parents could just get their act together and sort out their problems then things wouldn’t be this fucking bad. On one hand I just want to leave with my Mom, as she’s got a plan to get out of this, but on the other hand I feel bad for leaving my Dad. After all he is my Dad and I do love him, but I can’t keep going though this kind life, it’s hard on everyone and it just has to stop.

I’ve split my anger between this and punching a few pillows, so I’m feeling better now; but if things go south (like they could at this point) I have a feeling I might just go over the edge.

Right then, I’m off to try and figure out what to eat (oh yeah food is another story in itself) then I’ve got other things to do.

Talk later.


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