The First Day: Welcome to School

Let's rock 'em!
Let’s rock ’em!

After a long terrible summer, September 9th finally rolled around, giving me a legit reason to wake up early and go out somewhere. School. Yes that’s right I finally went back to school today. Surprisingly I wasn’t actually that nervous or anything, I felt really calm and composed waking there. I arrived early, picked up my text book and made my way to the classroom. Now due to the campus being a bit small, there was another class using the room before us, the English class; so I took a seat outside the room and waited. There I find a guy I knew from last year, he was also retaking math too.

Thank God, someone I know!

We start talking, the usual chatter about summer break, what we did, that sorta stuff. Then we’re joined by a girl (who was in my previous English class), she was there taking some other courses. I felt so relived that I knew some people there and I wasn’t walking into a totally new environment. There was also one more girl, I never talked directly to her that much, but she was there too for the same reason. So we got talking a bit, the four of us, but the English class ended and we moved into the room.

I gotta say, but the English class left the room in a total mess; the tables were arranged in a weird quasi “U” shape and it looked really bad. One thing I did realize about it though, just how the tables were arranged and where I sat, if I had my Batman Chucks… man I could’ve showboated them so hardcore to the whole class. Damn I was so let down by that, my huge first day goal of wearing the coolest shoes known to man to school. When I re-order them, I’ll wear them to class, but I have a feeling it’ll be winter by then already and I refuse to let my prized Batman Chucks get rained and snowed on.

So anyways, I enjoyed the first day of math round 2. I need to find my notes from last year, I’ll have an upper hand with those, but as of now I’ve got a good feeling. I know it’s usually not in my character to say so, but I’m looking at this with a positive attitude and I just really want to get this finished. Like I’ve been saying, Quotes from Math Class will be returning soon, nothing really memorable was said today, but probably by the end of the week and I’ll a post or two. If you need to, search my blog and you’ll find the previous parts to that series. Oh and lastly, my math teacher didn’t retire; he’s back and teaching once more; another thing I’m happy about.

Okay then, my goal for the next 4 months is to give this course my all and pass it with flying colors. I’m so ready to rock ‘n roll now!



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